Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Movie "Falling in Love"

Anything related to "Love", I would like to watch and that's how the title "Falling in Love" drew my attention.

Not many movies show that its possible for married person to fall in love, that too a real mutual emotional bond with someone other than your partner.

Tears filled my eyes when I saw this movie as I've been in that place before. I had the same sad look on my face for at least two years and still on and off, I see the same face, the meaningless longing and even my husband thought I had a breakdown. Everything makes meaningful when it is two sided but if one doesn't express, everything looks like an illusion.
The movie made me smile, when I saw how Meryl Streep tried to dress up to look her best by changing to different dresses and then finally asking, seeing herself in the mirror while combing - what are you doing.

Meryl Streep as Molly in that movie rightly says to her friend of what I did during at that time - "No, I think about him every day. Last thought before I fall asleep and first thought when I wake up. I talk to myself all day about him, even when I'm talking to somebody else, even when I'm talking to you now I'm talking to myself about him. Brian thinks I'm ill, he thinks that it has to do with my father, he thinks the stress and, you know, all that... Thinks I'm having a breakdown, but I'm not, there's nothing wrong with me. Except that I love him."

The music is powerful in this movie especially when there are no dialogues, all you can see are the emotions and feelings of the person. The look on their face when they finally meet in the train is precious. In just one segment, the movie shows along with the background music "Nights on Fire" written by Scott Lipsker of hope, fading away when the gate closes while the train is pulling away and then when she is sees him on the train coming towards her, the rise of the melody makes you fill with joy in anticipation of warm embrace, the satisfaction of getting together.  It is my kind of movie. Thanks to J otherwise, I would've never known what it would be to have truly madly deeply feelings for someone. Love really makes you do crazy abnormal things. Falling in love, really makes you feel like you are in ecstasy. You don't need anything from this world other than that one person whom makes you feel you're special and that kind of joy, not even money can buy.

I definitely think the writer might have experienced something like this story for he/she to write so well especially for making the actors to show the emotional journey. Well written, well acted and the sound tracks, totally impressive.

I wish for that day to come when J expresses his love or else the whole saga will become so meaningless. The feelings which I felt as special and rare to happen will become rubbish. The movies like this one will become utter nonsense. As months and years passing by, I am already feeling that nothing was special. Its just easy to forget the past and move on to new things. You meet people, you lose people, there is nothing charming! nothing special! nothing precious! There can be no special unique bond! Everything can easily be replaced!

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