Friday, September 16, 2011

India! India! What can I say?

My trip to India, unexpectedly had a right start with me meeting a handsome Lufthansa attendant who showered me with attention. Meeting my parents and my brother after four years, that too with new found confidence given by the handsome guy made first two weeks to be in a very happy state of mind. After so many years, when suddenly everyone in giving you the importance, given me an unbelievable feeling of being precious. Everyday my mom made me feel special by cooking all my favorite dishes. Even though, she was in seventies, nothing deterred her from working hard to shower with unforgettable love. Give milk, breakfast right where I used to sit and asking my welfare is just what I was not used to after getting married. Within myself I thought, mom, please don't make me emotional as I'm not going to get this kind of love, once, I'm back in US. If I want to eat something, I have to cook. No one is there to ask, are you hungry or for that matter ask about my welfare.  Remembering those precious days when I was a student how my mom used to take care of me and used to stand at the gate and wave bye until I take the turn on my scooty makes mothers love special and unconditional. Being in seventies and not sure of when they will see me again made them to spend money and time on whatever I wished. They used to say we have enough to take care of ourselves and no expenditure so why not to spend on you.

Stop complaining about my kids!!!
After honeymoon period, slowly things started going negative like how my kids are behaving and how I should be raising them. I realized that wherever we go, it is better to stay shorter time as they say "short and sweet" is so right. One more thing, I realized is moms just can't take anything negative about their kids. It pains so much when someone speaks negative about your kids as you as a parent feel that they are criticizing you which is impossible to handle. So,what I learned is keep the trip short and sweet and never to speak negative about your husband in front of your mother-in-law as you'll never be understood or taken in a right manner to get support.

Budha @Belum Caves
Finally, it was a day for me to meet my relatives. Can we get rid off of so-nice-to-see-you to all the negative remarks? But, it was not at all bad. One of the awesome decision I made was to meet my relatives. All the childhood memories rushed in once I saw my cousins. Once upon a time we all used to meet and play hide-and-seek, running and catching on the roof top and now, we are all meeting not only just us but with our kids. The cutest thing I never imagined which made me feel sassy and snazzy. The meeting was so successful that we couldn't stop ourselves meeting again so, we decided to go on a three day trip. What I understood is India being an old country and if you want to tour all the historical places, you just can't escape your trip becoming spiritual as our history is related to Gods and temples. Mini bus was full with cousins and kids. We had a blast teasing each other, singing, playing anthakshri, cards, watching movies and taking lots and lots of pictures. 

Shopping in India was painful I prefer malls where as my mom prefers local shops. Yes, I understand of getting much cheaper but one can easily get cheated on quality of the material and top of it, walking and climbing stairs everywhere is so painful. Shopping in India, now a days is not cheap any more. Dining to shopping cost same as in USA. But I'm happy to say that I was able to find a beautiful frame for my parents oil painting portrait for only $9.00. Now a days, you get everything from decorating walls to table tops with attractive designs and of course with the US price tag. If you desire, you can really decorate the house just like in USA. But once you step out, well, that's just totally another world.Even big shopping malls won't give any privacy. Asking customers what are they interested in. Geez! don't they know, we want privacy. We want to choose whatever we want and try it out without a guy behind our back.

I felt so bad when I saw how fellow humans are treated in India. No money is almost like a hell in India. Why do we need a door man, a pulling chair man to give that respect when you're ill treating the other fellow beings? Too many people so no respect to life. Have seen a legless man lying on a bridge. Everybody were feeling pity but no one there to take care of him. Just lying there in the dirt! Heartbreaking scene! And then a guy carrying a baby who had a huge cast on her broken leg. The situation is so bad that you can't trust whether the guy is acting to get some money or really his daughter's leg fractured. Nearby temple, so many kids were begging for money. I don't understand what is government doing? How come there is no government provided child care? I heard from my friend that even if government provided houses for poor people, they try to sell and live the same life as before with limited water and dirty huts.

Niligiri's Fruit Shop
What I'm about to mention will make you laugh thinking about how can Indians be like this. Local festival called "bonalu" is celebrated for Goddess Durga and during that time, the street folks decided to decorate the whole street with lights, YAY!! and then a loud speaker (NAY!!) which will be on on twenty hours to keep everybody in the mood of festival. But the other street folks too decided to do the same. Our house was in the intersection. Hahaha....what a welcome for my husband when he came on the same day from USA. It was so chaotic, talking normally was a history. These lasted for two days and my son was like how do they expect me to sleep. I said, well, this is INDIA!!

Brigade Rd.
I amazed this time when I think about how my MIL treated me. She has two servants to help around so she doesn't need my help in kitchen at all. So, she told me to take rest while she was cooking. I was like whats happening. Well, I heard that someone said to her that she will pass away when she turns seventy so she maybe wants to do best, behave best before the ultimate thing arrives. Made my life for the first time peaceful and complaint-less. Husband and myself went for shopping, dining....just relaxed, chilled and even had a coal cooked street corn with squeezed lemon juice and pepper on top which is one of my favorite. Only problem is traffic, you can have all the luxury in your house but once you step out, you've to face the drill. The traffic was so horrible that once we got stuck in the traffic for two hours that too without music and in a tiny car. Just still without slightest movement.

India is not same as decade before. One thing I noticed is too many young people and all the time they look like there are in search for a lover or a partner. Hahaha...its difficult to get unnoticed in India which is very rare experience after living in USA. Auto drivers are too crude once they smell NRI's. They all expect to just disperse money as if NRI's work in hedge funds. No more meter reading, just the rate. Accept or find someone else. Security is really tight at airports. Triple checks before you step into a plane. Understandable, the way situation is, you need that kind of scrutiny. Service at airports too are very professional and fast pace. Kudos!! Compare to Frankfurt airport, duty free shops in India is glamorous and eye catching.  Remember, in India, once you check in your luggage, even though you've a lot of time to kill, you can't come out. So, that was really painful and torture.

Have to praise Indian based flights. Sharp on time, very good service and really pretty air-hostesses. I checked on the internet to see how old do air-hostess have to be and not amazed to find, only between 18 - 27 years. Even at airports, they use aero bridges and even flight steps for people to move fast and choose either one, based on their seat numbers, so, planes can be on time. I traveled by spicejet and Indigo and I'm pleased with both of them.

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