Monday, May 23, 2011

Something Rejuvenated Me

Yes, the unknown call from someone has rejuvenated me. Hope you know about whom I'm thinking. Well, of course, from J.  Gosh, really, is it possible? Nah! definitely he would've moved on with his life or is he really proving that he is loyal? I really don't believe that someone can love me or someone feel that they need me. I can easily be forgotten. Even though, unknown call with a silent voice message scared me and thinking about him trying to reach me, freaking me out,  I suddenly, involuntarily feel the energy, feel like my life is back, feel like at least to do something. Well, I'll never ever believe that he would've made that call. That's silly and I even feel sorry to accuse him of making an unknown call. Well, whatever it is, it kinda gave an instant energy boost.
This is how weather was in the morning. Just like me gloomy, heavy rain, thunderstorms, basically no life. But now, it is nice and bright blue sky, temperatures in high 80's :), leaves showing life by dancing to the wind.

Last week, my husband told me to drive to his work place so that we can go for shopping for my kids piano recital. Even though, I listened to his directions, when I was driving, I did not find the specific street and followed the GPS and went on the toll way and was five minutes late. Instead of giving me a warm, inviting smile, he showed his disappointment of not following his directions and coming late to pick him up. That incident made me sad and raised a question of why people can't be nice with their own family members. We go out of reach to be nice with a stranger but can't take a slight mistake from our partner. Why can't he see that I reached his office instead of noticing of what did not happen? If the same thing his colleague or a friend did, he wouldn't have had any discussion other than saying "okay man! hahaha........" Thinking about India trip in summer, spending time with his parents and on top of that seeing him taking his parents side and acting and talking out pleasing way..........Aaaarrrggghhh!!!making me sadder and sadder. I don't know, now a days, if I see any couple's photo with smooch or a hug or even a plain photo which makes them look like a couple makes my heart sink like Justin Bieber's tender love towards Selena Gomez or William's love towards Kate Middleton. My brain totally strikes it out by saying that's stupid, totally fake, absolutely BS at least on Bieber's act but I truly believe in William's love. I feel Justin Bieber is totally doing for the camera, just enjoying teasing the photographers in making them believe that something is true. Come on! he is only 17.! She looks older than him and he looks like a kid and for him to smooch in front of his mom. That got to be a joke. Anyway, I don't care. Do as you please.

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