Thursday, May 26, 2011

Girls Are Strange!

Can't stop feeling strange when I think about how girls change from when they're in their seven's or eight's to teens. Yesterday, when we were watching American Idol, my daughter was in full support for Lauren Alaina as she is a "girl". She felt so bad that a girl did not win as usual, all teen girls might have voted for Scotty. But look at Lauren Alaina, being in her teens, she was okay to lose to a boy. Only when you're in teens, its possible to smooch a winner even when you lose. Because they're just into winning a boy's heart and feel connected more than winning a competition. They give importance to friendship and live in present world rather than thinking about future or owning the world. All they want is attention from a special person for that particular moment. They innocently lay their trust and dream big about their bond and as usual, the bond may not go far as they grow, the innocence fades and doubts rises, jealousness creeps and expectations elevate. I just love to watch the sweet innocent love even though it may not last long but the feelings are pure not maligned by a speck of negativity.

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