Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dizziness in Dreams means........

Am I not well? Today, I did not go for walk, instead thought to take a nap. As usual I started dreaming but this time it was so surreal. This is how I remember...after me and my husband had a get together with our friends whom I don't remember, I'm driving behind my husband's car. For some reason, we were in two different cars. I saw him talking with someone sitting in a passengers seat. I was seeing my car taking zigzag turns, making me feel dizzy but the weird thing was I couldn't understand how my car was driving by itself when I've the keys in my hand.Once I reached home, while my husband was busy chitchatting with his friends, I told my sister about my crazy drive and at the same time telling her about how I'm feeling dizzy. I saw myself twirling and falling to the ground in a slow process. I saw my hand touching the ground while I was landing with dizziness. Now, I'm fully awake but still not well at all.

So, what does it mean, when you feel dizzy in your dreams. Let us dig deeper.......shall we?

Dizziness in Dreams means........
To dream that you feel dizzy, symbolizes confusion. You are unable to make a decision or make up your mind about something. Concentrate on a focal point and learn to balance your choices.

Yeah, I know what I'm confused about and you also will know if you've  read about  my past indiscretions. Confused, unhappy whatever it is but now, I'm on the right path to distance myself from something which is not a part of my life. How much ever I abide to the rules I laid, I've this immense wish of at least once he gets back to me in a proper loving way and proclaims that he misses me. At least one person on this Earth shows up for me proclaiming that they love me unconditionally and letting me know that I'm worthy enough to be around their life as Huey Lewis song "Stuck With You" portrays. I want just once to feel that someone really values me and cares for me deeply. The time go through this wish, my thinking subdues me by telling me the reality that we both have no right on each other not even as friends. So, he'll never take that risk of coming out and sending an email or text or by any direct communication. I'm just not worthy enough. I'll never ever again do anything indirect or direct to let him know that I miss him. This is such a big world, if not one, you get someone. So, there is no chance of someone missing someone other then ridiculous "ME".

He labeled me as an immature and incredibly ridiculous person for communicating with him in an anonymous way but he never thought that at least I came in search of him. Like how many people really do that until that person really means a lot to them.Well, under my circumstances and with the way I was brought up, anybody would've acted out the same way. So, I feel nothing wrong with how I interacted. < Anyway, somethings in your life you'll never understand until you go through it. Its easy to label someone and not understand the inner meaning of person's actions. If love exists, it opens up all kinds of doors but when it doesn't, all you any see is EXCUSES.

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