Monday, May 9, 2011

Am I Diana From Fly Away Home Novel?

I finished reading Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner which is about a fifty seven year old woman who is a wife of a senator and has two daughters. All three woman will face crisis in their life. In the wake and aftermath of scandal these three women are forced to face the truth about themselves including who they are, who they want to be and what they want out of life. The women deal with past issues as well as present.

The author did an awesome job of expressing the characters emotions, their thought process. The novel can easily turn into a LMN movie, at least I felt that way by reading and going through the emotions of each character.

I felt deeply connected to Diana's character who is an elder daughter of fifty seven year old Sylvie, wife of Senator Richard Woodruff. I did not do exactly like the way Diana had an extramarital affair with a twenty-five year old guy but like her fell for an emotional love and created a bond with "J".  Like her I went through desperation, rejection and finally unrequited love. When Diana leaves her husband and runs back to her lover Doug, before she enters in his room, I was like yeah, I know what will happen, she will catch him with other woman lying next to him on the bed. But, that did not turn true. He was as miserable as her sadness written all over his face but his problem was, he want someone with no kids. At the end instead of running through pages, I was patient and anticipated their reunion but to my dismay, the author did not feel like reuniting them. That means they both will go separate ways and will never meet each other again. Their love is so meaningless, the agonizing pain of going through break-up and the vain longing for each other is ridiculous. And so too was my case. When author has power of making something happen, why to stop...why not to unite them, why can't Doug come back and say, I cannot live without you..... I need you.... I want are my everything....I'm sorry......or at least beg for her valuable friendship. Why do they have to break away and live like as if that person doesn't exist anymore?

I just don't understand why God will make you go through somethings which has no meaning other than my own thinking of the word "KARMA". Maybe I tortured someone and ignored their love plea in my past life and he cursed me saying that I'll long for someone and go through the misery of an unrequited lover. When I was in my teens, I used to doubt unrequited lover's love when he/she finally decides to move on with life and run away from the lovers life. But been there and done that, I know the answer. Its hard to live everyday by thinking about the past, by living under the shadow of that person who doesn't care for you or has no place for you in their life. Can't escape from the life that exist so to live each and every day without misery, you need to move on. You've to act like you read a novel and you liked so and so character but the character vanished and so too the person to whom you got attached. Honestly, I thought I can be in touch with "J" by following him on the facebook, hunting or truck forums, basically by keeping an eye on his online presence. But after sometime I couldn't do even though he encouraged me to follow as living and breathing was becoming harder and constantly truth screaming at my face that I've no place in his life. I truly feel that when you love someone and if that person returns or reciprocates regardless of time will be the AWESOME thing in the whole wide world. Well, I did for him. I gave him that unexplainable overwhelming joy by finding him on the internet because I believed the moment which I had with him. Well, how do I know that it was just mere flirting and I like an idiot fell for that common human behavior. Nothing in this world is hard to explain or to get along with someone and to keep that bond forever if you really really love that person. I know he'll never write an email or correspond with me directly and I need to accept the way I was forced to accept that Diana and Doug are nothing for each other. I'm waiting to welcome September 23rd 2011 to proclaim my victory over keeping him at distance for an year after how the so called "love" drove me to anxiety, depression, and weight loss

Find happiness in what you've instead of chasing something which you don't as nothing in this world is permanent. Move on and grab what is in front of you as nothing lasts forever. Show love to your dear ones as they're the ones will pay double in return.

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