Monday, May 23, 2011

All Are Screwed up!

Yesterday, when I saw Billboard 2011Awards, I was astonished to see how Britney Spears lost her capability to dance or for that matter sing. She lost her old charm or confidence to put a great entertaining show. She has wrapped herself with young artists who are in their 20's and are full of confidence about how they look and surely know, how they are perceived by the crowd.

Here she is putting on a show and dressing up like Gaga style swimsuit, when clearly, she is not up to the challenge. I just don't know how they dress up and act like porn stars. You just can't watch with young kids. Thanks to bleeping technology or else you just have to switch off the television. Looking and feeling sexy is fine but what they're doing is indecency and vulgar suggestive sex moves. No wonder, now a days, young girls who're less than ten, think this way of acting is fashionable and okay.

Now a days, Gaga is just irritating me with her over exposing way of dressing, talking in every interview like a saint in her skimpy clothes disrespecting and stepping on the piano. All these news broadcasters showing her SNL skit and laughing at her silliness. I did not feel anything funny at all. Looking of her itself putting me off. Just waiting when people will get bored of her blah-blah's and her weird lifestyle. I truly believe that she is just a normal girl with a great voice but oh boy, to get everybody's attention, overly exposing herself and purposefully acting as a weird person is just too irritating to watch. How can she even dare to think that she inspires someone with her weird antics? If you're really comfortable in your skin, why do you've to hide under those skimpy, bare-it-all way of dressing.

Look at Taylor Swift, totally knows who she is and what she wants to achieve. Yesterday, with so many awards under her belt, once again proved that you don't need to be a slut to be a top singer. Even though somewhere I read about how few people are irritated by her teenage themed songs, but I like her songs which carries everyday emotions which people go through and so effortlessly she sings it with matching tune which enhances the emotions and makes you feel like you're part of the roller coaster emotional story.

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