Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Is Unknown Call an Ominous or Propitious?

Why someone makes twenty five calls regularly in last seven days that too without leaving a voice message? What do they want? Lucky that I have phone which blocks unknown phone calls or else my phone would have been buzzing like crazy.

One part of my heart says ignore but other one says it might be him, maybe calling in this way to get me on the line. I wonder, how stupid can I be to think in this way. These way of thinking is making me anxious and nervous. Making me to think that he is trying to play games with me which is causing emotional turmoil. Other part of my brain says ignore the calls....he is not stupid to call....he has life of his own.....he doesn't need to chase you.....you're not the beauty queen....if not you, they are many girls in this world whom he can date, develop friendship and fall in love and have a wonderful time. And the cherry on top information about this number is few people already complained about this number of how they harass with blank calls. I just need to wait and see for how many days these calls will continue.

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