Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Best Age Gap Between Kids

Based on my experience, I feel the gap should be less than three.

  • I have two kids with twenty one months gap between them. Because my son was amazingly quiet and keeps his business to himself, I never felt any difficult to raise my daughter without anybody's help, but, I can't say for others as it depends on older kids.
  • Usually parents show more interest in teaching the first kid as they're enjoying all the newness the kid brings. So, having a less gap will make you do for both and enjoy simultaneously. I've noticed too many parents giving very less attention to the kids after the first one as no time, many things to juggle and already experienced so no thrill or nothing new in making the kids learn new things as we already noticed the kids reaction to things which we exposed the first one. Sadly, been there, done that scenario.
  • You don't need to find a play date as with their less gap among the kids, they always find something to play around.
  • Each one will find inspiration from each other and learn to prosper in each others  presence.
  • Will be the best buddies forever.
  • If they are learning piano, they can play duets together. It will be the awesome thing you ever hear.
  • Keeping discipline under control is a challenge as one copies from other. The moment you discipline one, the other jokes around and situation is back to chaos.
  •  When they reach college age, double expense at the same time frame.
  • All the years pass so soon with all the activities around them before you even realize that they already grew up.
  • Once they grow, both will go out to pursue their studies and leave the parents with empty nest.
  • Jealousy may develop among them as they all the time competing with each other.

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