Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Thoughts On Taylor Swift

I'm so amazed by her talent and lyric style. She is proving to everyone that you don't need to dress up indecent or shoot videos in sexually provoking away to get fame and name or to be popular. All you need is talent. I like the way her songs take us and make us feel the deep emotion that person is going through. Everybody goes through emotions but only a talented person can express and deliver everything in a song.

Kudos to her. Hope she keeps up her decency all through out her career. That's what makes her beautiful and successful. Tears stream down my face when I see the mess we create for ourselves with relationships. Why can't it be smooth? Why all these complications? Why all these emotions? Sometimes I feel, its better to be selfish, emotionless and thoughtless. At least, it shields us away from pain. Time and time again, its been proven that if one is thinking wise and deeply in love, the other half feels the opposite and there goes the happiness. All left is great depression.

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