Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Few in spite of short comings, come on top in life

The other day, this thought came to my mind of how Lady Gaga, in spite of her short comings like not having pop divas personality, she made her own identity as a fashion icon. Her being short and not very beautiful or unique face made an identity and represented herself unique and did not fall for God not giving her unique beauty or body to withstand in the music business. That did not stop her to create her own image and uniqueness in this world. Lot of singers has beautiful voice but only few can top the industry. Lady Gaga proved that with beautiful voice and still with short comings, "she", not God created her image with her unique thoughts and creativity.

So, instead of thinking about your short comings, you should create some other image that overcomes your short comings but reflect and make people's eyes fall on the creation , you created. That's what Lady Gaga did. She could have easily over taken or swallowed by the world as she is pretty ordinary girl but she slowly but surely made sure to everybody to follow her based on her twisted way of indecent dressing with beautiful voice. Now, any message she has to pass, our ears and eyes are open for her. That's the power of genius - to come over adversities and raise the victory glass. Basically, nothing can stop anyone other than themselves and their beliefs.

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