Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Breaking News About J

Just now, I came across from his dad's FB that his younger brother is going to get married in June and his mom is trying to sell the house so she can move with her husband who lives in Phoenix as he accepted the job offer as a director for semi conductor company. That makes me wonder, what will happen to J. Will he move to Phoenix or will he live alone and has to pay a rent for some apartment? Fell sorry for him as he needs to live alone.

That's what is life. Once kids grow older, the family splits up and everybody moves on with their lives. Do you think he will inform me about his brothers marriage? Anyway during that time I'll be in India. Whenever I leave Dallas to any part of the world, I used to feel sad as I'll be far off from him but this time even though I am sad, a part of me wants to go away far. I wonder whom he will choose as his girlfriend for his brothers wedding. He too would have been ready for marriage if his ex did not break up with him after three years of being together. Kudos to his brother, who was sure of what he wanted and kept a good relationship with his fiancee even though he was away for studies in different part of Texas.

I even came across about J being t-boned in an accident and that caused a huge dent on his new truck. Hope nothing happened to him. Take care J. Thinking of you moving away from Texas makes me feel sad but one way you will be under your mom's love and care. I don't think so you'll leave all your friends, job and live with your parents in Phoenix. Where will you go? How will you live alone? Yep, I know, I don't have to worry. You are old enough to take care of yourself and find a girl of your dreams and live with her happily. I feel sometime that you'll be back to your ex as I know even though you both fight, she has affection for you and you are a loyal in nature so I think you may get back with her or this new girl with whom you are posing now a days on Facebook.

A personal story about "True Love" has filled my eyes with tears. Read and enjoy!

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