Monday, February 21, 2011

The World We're In...

I'm disturbed by few of the things I came across this month like how piano teachers have no time to hear song pieces which they themselves assigned for a student and gave instructions for them to practice and the student sincerely practices but the teacher can't hear as the allotted time is up even though she has no other student waiting after the class or how an art teacher can't appreciate the students work as he/she is worried about where the student quits after learning all the tricks so he/she will make sure to restrict the student by mentioning the allotted time for the class.

Gone are those days when teachers used to be well wishers of students and honest about teaching. Now a days, all they can think is "money".

My kids piano teacher is very good at what she does but she is not an emotional person and doesn't think about in best interests of kids. She is more interested in making money than think about the students emotions. Couple of weeks back, she assigned six songs for my son to practice and he sincerely did by playing everyday for 1-1/2 hr every day. Now, teacher's responsibility is to make sure of listening all the songs he practiced but she didn't do that instead she said to my son "30 minutes up and if you think I have to hear the rest maybe your mom should think of extending the time." Is she kidding? This is how they put pressure on parents to extend time so that they can charge more. If her intentions were right and if she had enough experience, didn't she know of not to assign so many songs when she is so restricted by time? When it comes to kids, teachers should put aside this kind of ill-feelings and love for money. Did she reward him for following her directions?  No, she was more interested about herself and her goals. Did she think about the effort he put everyday in learning those pieces? The thing I noticed in music is if you don't practice everyday, you'll forget the song pieces and you've to start all over again as if its a new one. Its not like a bike ride. Once you learn, to remain with you forever. And if my son doesn't practice, he have to redo all over again.

Now, comes the art teacher. Her love for money is so high that she went beyond her level in teacher student ratio to sincerely teach any kid in allotted 1-1/2 hr based for the amount she charges.  Even though she has few assistants who are not professionals but recent graduates or working on graduation, she teaches to at least fifty kids. On top of that, she sometimes keeps herself busy in answering phone calls. I myself waited so many times for her to instruct or guide me but she was always busy. I used to get frustrated with long hours of waiting and didn't feel worth at all of $25 per class. But I adjusted and didn't complain at all. Because of being a mom, I used to be go according to my convenience and even sometimes on and off classes and she too did not complain. So, there was some kind of understanding. In January, due to a new assistant and she being a recent graduate helped me a lot and for couple of weeks, I spent more than 3 hours in class even though the class was supposed to be for 1-1/2 hr. During that time to, the teacher rarely used to come to give pointers as she is used to totally ignore me as other students all are kids and I understood that they needed that extra attention. I used to paint something based on her instructions and with my half knowledge and she is used to come after 30 or 40 minutes and used to correct me after all that hard work. Couple of times, I had to redo from scratch whatever I did in those 30 or 40 minutes. But my art was coming to life cause of this new assistant. The only problem was she used to do everything without giving me tips of how to mix colors or how to hold the brush and all the nitty gritty knowledge to make me a good artist. But just by watching her, I learned few. Using her given knowledge and online tips, I manged to portray few movie stars all by myself without attending the class.

 Last Saturday, instead of praising my work and effort, my art teacher's attitude changed and she blankly prompted the time of when I should leave. Art is such a thing where you can't just leave whatever you were doing just because time got over. She being an artist should know that better. The bad thing about her is she corrects kids work or does it herself before the kids parents come to pick up their kids and in that way she can make parents happy with their child's work. The worst thing is she used to do with me because of her habit of fixing things before anybody leaves the place. The insulting thing she did on that Saturday was by telling the assistant to not help me anymore after the allotted time and sending her away to help some other kid so that I can leave the place. I felt so insulted that I quickly packed my stuff and ran away. I don't want to go there anymore. I feel comfortable with the knowledge I gained from the assistant and plus the free knowledge which exists on the internet. I designed using photoshop of what I want to paint for the MediaRoom and now, I have to do it on my own.

That's the world we are in but wait....that's only, the half world. What about volunteers? My kids soccer coaches are so dedicated and well planned of what to teach and how to improve kids soccer skills to make them better players and ALL THIS THEY DO FOR FREE WITH ENTHUSIASM AND PASSION without craving for money or fame. And that's how teachers are supposed to be. First comes kids interest than comes their personal goals.

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