Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Post Valentine Day's Thoughts

Have you been to any department store lately? I have been to Kroger and I was speechless, when I saw how well, right at the entrance, they were marketing with sweet smell of flowers, huge balloons with all kinds of heartfelt messages for valentine's day. Just by looking at all that hullabaloo for Valentine's day make you to be part of it.

I had to buy few valentine cards for my kids for school purpose. While buying, I thought what a waste of time and money but little I know, I was impressed when I saw all the positive messages from my kids classmates. Some were thoughtful and some were so funny for their age like the one which said "You're tearing up my heart". The other card said "I've got my eye on you" and the other one says "Will you be my BFF?".

I came across a young man in Central market floral department. He wanted to buy a flower so he asked the florist about the flowers cost and went to the corner and checked money in his pocket. That was so sweet. That's the true spirit of valentine's day - love is in the air. I heard on CNN headlines about a woman who called up to say how her husband surprised her by displaying sweet messages about her in every cupboard in the kitchen. She was ecstatic about the whole thing saying that it was the best gift he ever gave to her, appreciating her hard work as a housewife. That's the spirit of the day. Sometimes, this kind of man made  invention is important, otherwise people don't take time to appreciate or show of their love or feelings to their dears. Yes, I agree, marketers use this to advertise and pressurize but its the thought that counts, putting on a show that makes the person near to your heart feel special and it is much much better than disregarding and ignoring the day.

It makes me sad that how married couple just ignore the day. Some have money, wife, time but has no interest or a thought of displaying their love for the person whom they love. Why? No need to display or put that extra show as love between them is implied or it is taken for granted.

So here is the toast for young people who keep the love alive, 
here is the toast for people who are in search of a life partner,
here is the toast for people who are inclined towards marriage and want to propose,
here is the toast for people who have tender feelings for someone special,
here is the toast for people who are going through unrequited love,
and finally a toast for people who believe in love and don't mind to get love fever.

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