Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Human Psychology

A bit emotional this morning after seeing "object of my affection"with someone. Its very strange that when someone has every possibility to love and progress their relationship further but choose to get out of it due to whatever reasons. And here I am who has no right to have an affection over an object as the object is an alien to my world, but still insist on breaking my heart by having an affection.

I am so sure that if I had the possibility and no boundaries, and under that circumstances, I would've not had any affection towards that object and that's my friend, is human psychology. When you can't get something, the object becomes more attractive and you keep on chasing it as you want to be in the game. If anything easily available, you lose interest.

Object-of-my-affection has an affair with someone for three and half years and the girl decided to break up with him due to him being a mind player who loves to play mind games due to being a insecure or sadist or whatever reason but they still are so close that he still controls her every major social network site. They had the possibility to go further in their relationship and nothing to stop them other than themselves. Here I'm, who has countless obstructions and don't even totally like his behavior but keep on having an affection over him. Why do our minds play games with us? Why can't we see happiness in what we have rather than chase something which doesn't belong to us? Why does the object loses attraction if it is easily available? Why don't we put at least half of the effort in protecting and sheltering our dear ones than chase someone and making him your object-of-affection. Why?

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