Thursday, February 10, 2011

Poem For My Dear Dad

                                Down The Memory Lane 
                                                            (Dedicated to my dad)
 I still remember the good old days
When we spent time together in our own ways;
No one to criticize
Or no one to demoralize;

I remember the scooter ride days
Of us rushing to school without delays;

I remember the days when we used to play carams
As no one was there to feel envy or to slam;

I remember the days when we used to feel yippee
For getting an extra mirpakaya bhaji;

I remember the days when we used to have our monthly snack time
Rain or shine, you used to buy on time;

I remember the days we all used to sleep in one room
Even though it was one room, we cherish those memories as it was filled with memorable perfume;

I remember those days we all spent time together
Watching movies to serials without living life of away from each other;

I remember of how you planned and bought a scooty
Acted like as if it’s your duty;

I remember of how we used to rely on you
Waking up for exams or any event like an alarm attached to you;

I remember so many times you losing me
But still were able to find me;

Maybe we did not acknowledge the way we should be
But you always gave us shelter as a strong and secret tree;

You may not vocally loud to say what your thoughts are
But we know, true to our heart that you always had best interest for your family in your love filled jar;

We may not acknowledge or say it loud
But we do love you and care for you as we are your proud crowd;
I know your wish about me standing on my feet
But I am still waiting for an opportunity to fulfill your desire without any discreet;

I have a desire to give everything you dreamed of
              From chocolates to visiting lovely places to buying whatever you ever intended to
I know how you stopped yourself from enjoying life to have a smooth life for us
But sorry dad, I am not a go getter and had a life of pathless;

So here is a toast for the entire minor to major things you do
Without any further adieu
Happy birthday Nana
Have a cake made of banana;

Wishing and praying that all your wishful thinking to come true
And to have peaceful and cheerful life which you truly deserve to cue;

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