Monday, February 28, 2011

Don't Be A Ghost

I beg you to please not check on him anymore. Forget him. Forget the whole thing. Yes, you did mistakes but you can't erase it now. All you can do is just let it go. Release yourself and him from the chains of modern technology. You don't need him. He is nothing to you. Just let him go or else he will lead you to depression. He is never going to make you happy. I'm repeating again, HE WILL NEVER MAKE YOU HAPPY. Look at yourself, how you have become. You are aloof. You don't want to meet anyone. Nothing interests you. You feel like everybody hates you. You feel like you are invisible. You know for sure, you were not like these. You used to watch CNN, be involved in current affairs. You used to follow stock market and used to watch CNBC reporters. You used to have life other than being on the internet. Don't be a ghost. You are insulting yourself and your family by chasing him. The whole time he had such a good laugh over your stupidity. I'm glad that you stopped interacting with him and not wishing him on his birthday. He doesn't need you or your wishes. Don't ever again see his face. Remember he is your enemy, who wants to slowly poison you. Runaway from him. I am ecstatic about you deleting everything related to him. Some lessons in life  you learn after going through a hard journey and this is one of them. Remember YOU DON'T NEED HIM. All he can do is give misery. Think the whole episode as a punishment for maybe breaking someone's heart even though unknowingly. I hope you don't change your mind after few days. I beg you to come out of his world. Two and half years is a lot to kill on someone. Delete your Facebook account too. You are dead for him and remain dead. Never become alive. Just don't keep any hopes or desires related to him. He doesn't exist for you. Don't ever feel pity for him. Remember he is  your enemy who made you go through hell. If someone loves you, they don't hurt you. I don't know what you'll do in future but listen to me, don't go near him. Remember before thinking of following him that you can't stand seeing him with some other woman. It gives you nightmares. It makes you feel like no one cares for you. It makes you feel like you are a loser. It makes you feel like you are an intruder. It makes you feel like you're a big idiot. Do you have any self esteem? Let him date anybody he wants, that's his life. LEAVE HIM ALONE!! You've no right to follow him. Do you like if someone follows your every move? The answer is no. So leave him alone. He doesn't need your friendship or any kind of interaction. You both will be happy without each other's presence. That is true. You both never meant for each other. Whatever happened was because of your lousy brain. Before thinking of following him, think whether you'll like if someone thinks about you as a weird stalker. Do you really want that label? Do you really want people to know that in this house a stalker lives? Do you want people to see your Facebook profile and say to she the stalker? Instead of respecting you and treating you high, do you want people to degrade you? Remember, he doesn't love you or have any emotional bond towards you. It would've not taken this long to express. You are just giving the opportunity for him to feel good about himself and let others know that he has a groupie. I bet - you definitely lost respect in his eyes. Do you really want him to see you as sleazy, stupid and immature person? As far as my understanding goes, he is not even worth of all these pain you're going through. He is just an ordinary man. Nothing special about him. If at all he was special, why his three and half years girlfriends dumps him. So, forget about him and move on. Don't waste even a single day thinking about him. He doesn't DESERVE YOUR ATTENTION. It is so shameful for you to willow and waste time on love. Love has no meaning in this world. Its a temporary feeling for someone. Finally, the differences overtake the love and couples split.

I hope you will keep your promise. REMEMBER, HE DOESN'T CARE FOR YOU!!!!!! Let him go. Release him, let him soar away, free without being guarded by anyone or else you have to be ready to face like this below picture on Facebook profile and which I know, will break your heart into million pieces. So, say goodbye and run away.....YOU DON'T NEED HIM!!!

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