Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Birthdays Are Suppose To Be Special!

Yes, I wanted to be one of them. But I'm not. I try to be like them but that kind of mood comes like a flash and disappears without a trace and then I'll be back to my thoughts which dampens my mood.

Really, how do people be in jubilant mood, day in day out. I follow this blog on and off and I'm astonished at how she keeps herself happy everyday. Her blog and her smile shows how much she is enjoying her life everyday. Really, doesn't she ever be in off mood at all? Does she cover up and give us picture of everything just fantabulous?

Yesterday, I celebrated my birthday. I wanted to keep it low profile as in that way no high hopes so no disappointment. At least once a week, we go out for dining so to go on a birthday is nothing special, at least that was the notion, I had in my mind before my birthday arrived. But God had some other plans. Dallas had this unbelievable snow/icy storm which made schools and offices to shut off.

"Rain, sleet and snow pushing ahead of the coldest weather in more than 20 years left broad swaths of North Texas virtually impassable Tuesday."

So, now I have this full day to spend with my family and be under house arrest.  The way I visualized my birthday was to attend my son's school to go on a World Tour along with second graders. And then get dressed up to go to Main Event to play bowling and other games with my hubby and have an enjoyable lunch. Then pick kids up from school and take care of their homework and then have a fabulous dinner at Cantina Laredo.

But this storm threatened and planned to ruin my day. But inside my heart, I was so glad to see the beauty, the whiteness everywhere. It was a winter wonderland in Dallas and due to that a special holiday for all Dallas residents. And I got to spend my entire day with husband and kids. But my hubby instead of having brilliant ideas, he was like we are not going anywhere. Driving will be hazardous, risking everybody's life. I said, ok, no problem, but don't expect me to cook and he was like ok, we all will have bread or something. But I was hell bent to drive solo and go somewhere rather than be stuck at home. He changed his heart and was ready to dine out at a close to house Mexican restaurant.

But luckily, the near by Mexican restaurant was closed and we were destined to go to Cantina Laredo. The whole time even though he was doing for me, he kept on whining about how difficult to drive and how car can get damaged due to bad icy roads. I said I can't appreciate your effort if you keep on whining. Really, why the beloved one, your life partner can't treat the day special? I came down a lot in my wishes and desires after marrying him because for him birthdays are nothing special. It is just one more day to live and breathe.

Anyhow, we had a fabulous time even though the road conditions were bad but the trip was special due to the road conditions, other wise, it would have been just a casual dine-out. We had warm salsa with crispy chips. I had mango margarita along with chili releno. We took our sweet time as were not in hurry to go anywhere. Kids too enjoyed their food. While coming back I noticed Main Event, I pleaded him to take me there so that we can have some fun playing and be outside. But he said "no" as expected. At that instant, I thought about J and about youngsters who are in their 20's, how they might have reacted. I bet he would have taken that exit and would have given me, exciting and fun two hour outing.

We came home watched CNN and followed the Egypt news. Woo..current affairs! But luckily my neighbors called and wanted to pop in to wish and celebrate my birthday. We had a good chat about husbands and their mentality. My neighbor decided to cook something to make my day special. So she invited us to her home. We talked and talked and later had pasta with breaded potatoes along with champagne. And later watched "Ira and Abby" a romantic comedy while kids watched "Ice Age 1". Somehow, stretched my "so-called" special day to midnight.

Summary Of The Movie:

The movie follows the story of Ira Black, a 33-year-old psychology Ph.D. candidate with therapist parents. Black has been in an on-and-off relationship with Leah for the past nine years and is, as he confides to his therapist, unsatisfied with their relationship on many levels. It is implied that they two have the same conversation every time Black comes to the office. His therapist then informs him that their 12 years of doctor-patient relationship must come to a close as therapy clearly isn't helping him. The therapist encourages Black to be spontaneous, finish his dissertation, and do things he wouldn't normally do.
Ira goes to his favorite cafe and struggles (as usual) to order. After flip-flopping several times, he finally orders. While he's eating his meal, he looks across the street to see a gym and remembers that Leah found him overweight. After his meal, he goes to the gym and makes an appointment for a tour with the irritating receptionist and waits 45 minutes before Abby arrives to show him around.
Initially irritated with the long wait, Ira is soon struck by Abby's ability to be involved in other people's lives. She seems to know everyone at the gym and be a trusted source of advice and a good listening ear. She gives Ira a terrible tour, but they somehow hit it off and spend the next six hours talking in the unused yoga room.
Through their conversation, Ira discovers that Abby lives with her parents who are musicians. She is a great believer in people's goodness and always wants to help others. At the end of their conversation, she proposes marriage to Ira, who is initially shocked. After a bit though, he agrees and the two consummate their engagement in her office.
At the end of the day, both Ira and Abby return home to tell their parents of their engagement. Ira's parents are upset that it's not Leah, and Abby's are extremely excited and begin to plan their daughter's wedding right away. Later that night, Ira and Abby talk about their future and make an agreement to have sex every day.
The two marry on the patio of Abby's family's brownstone in a small ceremony and spend the evening chatting inside. When they attempt to return to Ira's apartment to enjoy their wedding night, the car they hired breaks down. Desperate to enjoy each other, the two take the subway from a bad neighborhood. They are mugged at gunpoint on the way, and Abby steps up to face the mugger and offer him the money he needs. Ira is scared at first, and then proud of his new wife.
Over the next weeks, Ira and Abby adjust to being married and enjoy shopping for their apartment. They attend the movies and awkwardly run into Leah, which brings Ira's worries about Abby to the front of his mind. The two begin marriage counseling. At the same time, Ira's mother and Abby's father begin to have an affair after Ira's mother begins a voice-over career. When the families take a holiday picture (Abby's family's tradition), Ira learns that Abby was married twice before. Angry that she didn't tell him, Ira asks for and gets an annulment. After returning to Dr. Friedman (his old therapist) and realizing how much he loves Abby, Ira proposes again, and the two remarry.
After the second wedding, with the two ex-husbands in attendance, things seem to get better. One day, Abby meets Leah at the gym, and Leah confides in her that she misses her ex. Not realizing that she is talking about Ira, Abby offers her advice — that she should get in contact with him for closure. Not long after that, Abby goes to dinner with one of her ex-husbands. Ira is extremely worried, so he takes Leah up on her offer for drinks. The two go to her apartment and kiss. Guilt-racked Ira returns home to find Abby sobbing on their couch, afraid that he was cheating and emotionally rattled from her dinner. The next day, Leah and Abby meet for lunch and discuss their evenings. When Ira walks in to meet Abby, the two women realize that he is the man they are both talking about.
Following this latest escapade, Abby pulls all of the therapists that she, her parents, Ira, and Ira's parents have ever used into one room for a giant session. After a while, Ira and Abby realize that they can put their differences aside and love each other. The film ends with the two of them divorcing and vowing to love each other.

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