Monday, February 28, 2011

Don't Be A Ghost

I beg you to please not check on him anymore. Forget him. Forget the whole thing. Yes, you did mistakes but you can't erase it now. All you can do is just let it go. Release yourself and him from the chains of modern technology. You don't need him. He is nothing to you. Just let him go or else he will lead you to depression. He is never going to make you happy. I'm repeating again, HE WILL NEVER MAKE YOU HAPPY. Look at yourself, how you have become. You are aloof. You don't want to meet anyone. Nothing interests you. You feel like everybody hates you. You feel like you are invisible. You know for sure, you were not like these. You used to watch CNN, be involved in current affairs. You used to follow stock market and used to watch CNBC reporters. You used to have life other than being on the internet. Don't be a ghost. You are insulting yourself and your family by chasing him. The whole time he had such a good laugh over your stupidity. I'm glad that you stopped interacting with him and not wishing him on his birthday. He doesn't need you or your wishes. Don't ever again see his face. Remember he is your enemy, who wants to slowly poison you. Runaway from him. I am ecstatic about you deleting everything related to him. Some lessons in life  you learn after going through a hard journey and this is one of them. Remember YOU DON'T NEED HIM. All he can do is give misery. Think the whole episode as a punishment for maybe breaking someone's heart even though unknowingly. I hope you don't change your mind after few days. I beg you to come out of his world. Two and half years is a lot to kill on someone. Delete your Facebook account too. You are dead for him and remain dead. Never become alive. Just don't keep any hopes or desires related to him. He doesn't exist for you. Don't ever feel pity for him. Remember he is  your enemy who made you go through hell. If someone loves you, they don't hurt you. I don't know what you'll do in future but listen to me, don't go near him. Remember before thinking of following him that you can't stand seeing him with some other woman. It gives you nightmares. It makes you feel like no one cares for you. It makes you feel like you are a loser. It makes you feel like you are an intruder. It makes you feel like you're a big idiot. Do you have any self esteem? Let him date anybody he wants, that's his life. LEAVE HIM ALONE!! You've no right to follow him. Do you like if someone follows your every move? The answer is no. So leave him alone. He doesn't need your friendship or any kind of interaction. You both will be happy without each other's presence. That is true. You both never meant for each other. Whatever happened was because of your lousy brain. Before thinking of following him, think whether you'll like if someone thinks about you as a weird stalker. Do you really want that label? Do you really want people to know that in this house a stalker lives? Do you want people to see your Facebook profile and say to she the stalker? Instead of respecting you and treating you high, do you want people to degrade you? Remember, he doesn't love you or have any emotional bond towards you. It would've not taken this long to express. You are just giving the opportunity for him to feel good about himself and let others know that he has a groupie. I bet - you definitely lost respect in his eyes. Do you really want him to see you as sleazy, stupid and immature person? As far as my understanding goes, he is not even worth of all these pain you're going through. He is just an ordinary man. Nothing special about him. If at all he was special, why his three and half years girlfriends dumps him. So, forget about him and move on. Don't waste even a single day thinking about him. He doesn't DESERVE YOUR ATTENTION. It is so shameful for you to willow and waste time on love. Love has no meaning in this world. Its a temporary feeling for someone. Finally, the differences overtake the love and couples split.

I hope you will keep your promise. REMEMBER, HE DOESN'T CARE FOR YOU!!!!!! Let him go. Release him, let him soar away, free without being guarded by anyone or else you have to be ready to face like this below picture on Facebook profile and which I know, will break your heart into million pieces. So, say goodbye and run away.....YOU DON'T NEED HIM!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

An Emotional Appeal

Dear ,

My eyes are filled with tears as I begin to write this letter. I clearly don't know what I want from you but seeing you with someone -guess your new girlfriend, filled up my eyes with tears. I keep on asking myself "why?". You and me never had anything in common. I don't even like your mannerisms. You are the one who made me to be in this sorry and shameless state. You are the one showed how hopeless case I can be. You are the one made my walls come down. You are the one who showed me that I can be an intruder and a stalker. You are the one who showed me how I can be despicable-me. Under these circumstances, I should be hating you and should have vowed to myself to run away and never see your face again. But for some reason I over look everything thinking that you and me have some kind of bond. But damn me, there is nothing. I keep on killing myself emotionally over you when all you did is put a bad taste about myself. I can't blame you for anything as I was delusional and overly analyzed things when there was nothing to think of.

My only wish is at least for once in your life to write a letter to me about your thoughts like the way I let everything out. You are the only one who has power to prove that I was not delusional but you too felt the bond between us. I know why I cry when I see you posing with someone as a couple as it beats out loud that I was fool and acted out like a weird person, chasing like a mentally disturbed stalker. Yes, I understand completely that everybody should move on in life and you have every right to find a partner. My affection is so strong over you and did not deter when I visualized that one day I'll be seeing you with your wife and kids on Facebook profile. So I have that understanding but what bothers me is about the unanswered questions like did I misjudge the affection and the interest I saw in your eyes in 2008 or have you ever had any feelings for me or did you ever chase me or felt desperation to interact with me or am I the only one who made  fool of myself? One affectionate letter from you will prove my past deeds are not a blunder and will not make me look like a weird person. It proves that I'm lovable. It proves that someone really had a genuine affection for me. It proves that my belief over you was genuine and meaningful. It proves that we had a connection. It proves that by finding you on the internet was God's one way of saying that we were meant for each other in some un-explainable way.

I still see and feel the way you looked at me in 2008. Only time will tell, whether we will perish or sustain these forces and come out victorious and stay connected forever. But if that gaze had any meaning, I beg you to convey your feelings or else I've to lead rest of my life with regret and pain. If nothing else at least please pray to God that I should become an emotionless person.

As a part of my illusion or was it real but on Valentine's day, I received a yahoo alert regarding your twitter account about you posting something related to Canadian games but as usual didn't show up on your account but in previous occasions that's how you used to interact with me with arbitrary, irrelevant and anonymous messages but indirectly showing inclination to communicate. Well, I vowed to myself of never again to write an email or send a text message to you. I vowed not to speak with you ever again. Is it really possible that you thought about me on Valentine's day? Well the picture of you posing with someone on your new girlfriend's facebook profile proves my delusional state.

This is the song ringing in my ears: Stereo Love by Edward Maya

When you're gonna stop breaking my heart
I don't wanna be another one
Paying for the things I never done
Don't let go
Don't let go
To my love
Can I get to your soul
Can you get to my thoughts
Can you promise we won?t let go
All the things that I need
All the things that you need
You can make it feel so real.
Cuz you can't deny
You've blown my mind
When I touch your body
I feel I'm loosing control
Cuz you can't deny
You've blown my mind
When I see you baby
I just don't wanna let go

 I know J, you'll  never write or let me know once-upon-a-time-about-your-feelings-for-me otherwise till now, it would've happened. I have to accept it and move on. I'm happy for you for finding someone. You're going to be twenty six on Sunday and its about time to have a steady girlfriend. She is a beauty. I like her even though sometimes, she dresses and poses in sexually provocative way. This year I'll not be wishing you directly. On a good day, I feel like thanking you for showing me - how wonderful it is to fall in love, how beautiful the life looks if someone you like is falling for you. But on bad days, I really get so angry for making me go through this "journey of love". I've no business to be in this place. I've no business to be like some young girls who stalk their Exs' on the Internet and feel the misery of love lost. I've no business to allow you to treat me disrespectfully or even think of me as a stupid loser. I've no business to go through break up.

They say things happen for a reason. Well, could you please explain why I came across your last name which helped me find you online. Explain to me, why I found you so quickly and was able to interact with you, when  once I thought I lost you completely in this big wide world? Explain to me, why you were able to find a way to interact with me second time when I thought we were done? Explain to me, why we were in touch for two years even though we were not in good terms? Explain to me, why I'm melancholy after two and half years? Explain to me, why I'm going through this emotional baggage when thinking about you itself is a voodoo under my life circumstances? Explain to me, why I'm disrespecting myself? Explain to me, why I can't hate you?

I should be hating you for making me feel useless. The reason everything started was because you made me so happy but the end result is I have never been so miserable in my life. I just don't feel like doing anything or contacting anybody. I feel like the whole world can't see me at all. I feel like nobody cares for me. Even though I'm trying many new things, nothing is giving me satisfaction. I'm lost forever.

Congrats to you, you can always say to others that you had a stalker once-upon-a-time in your life. I just hate God, for making me the one. So distasteful.

Au revoir

The Human Psychology

A bit emotional this morning after seeing "object of my affection"with someone. Its very strange that when someone has every possibility to love and progress their relationship further but choose to get out of it due to whatever reasons. And here I am who has no right to have an affection over an object as the object is an alien to my world, but still insist on breaking my heart by having an affection.

I am so sure that if I had the possibility and no boundaries, and under that circumstances, I would've not had any affection towards that object and that's my friend, is human psychology. When you can't get something, the object becomes more attractive and you keep on chasing it as you want to be in the game. If anything easily available, you lose interest.

Object-of-my-affection has an affair with someone for three and half years and the girl decided to break up with him due to him being a mind player who loves to play mind games due to being a insecure or sadist or whatever reason but they still are so close that he still controls her every major social network site. They had the possibility to go further in their relationship and nothing to stop them other than themselves. Here I'm, who has countless obstructions and don't even totally like his behavior but keep on having an affection over him. Why do our minds play games with us? Why can't we see happiness in what we have rather than chase something which doesn't belong to us? Why does the object loses attraction if it is easily available? Why don't we put at least half of the effort in protecting and sheltering our dear ones than chase someone and making him your object-of-affection. Why?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fun In Organizing PTA Online Silent Auction

Never been my email account busy with people going crazy over auction items. I'm having so much fun in posting on the website. At least for now. Volunteering makes you feel good! Setting up auction items, prices, sending emails....checking on how many opened. Fun! Fun! Going to be busy four days.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The World We're In...

I'm disturbed by few of the things I came across this month like how piano teachers have no time to hear song pieces which they themselves assigned for a student and gave instructions for them to practice and the student sincerely practices but the teacher can't hear as the allotted time is up even though she has no other student waiting after the class or how an art teacher can't appreciate the students work as he/she is worried about where the student quits after learning all the tricks so he/she will make sure to restrict the student by mentioning the allotted time for the class.

Gone are those days when teachers used to be well wishers of students and honest about teaching. Now a days, all they can think is "money".

My kids piano teacher is very good at what she does but she is not an emotional person and doesn't think about in best interests of kids. She is more interested in making money than think about the students emotions. Couple of weeks back, she assigned six songs for my son to practice and he sincerely did by playing everyday for 1-1/2 hr every day. Now, teacher's responsibility is to make sure of listening all the songs he practiced but she didn't do that instead she said to my son "30 minutes up and if you think I have to hear the rest maybe your mom should think of extending the time." Is she kidding? This is how they put pressure on parents to extend time so that they can charge more. If her intentions were right and if she had enough experience, didn't she know of not to assign so many songs when she is so restricted by time? When it comes to kids, teachers should put aside this kind of ill-feelings and love for money. Did she reward him for following her directions?  No, she was more interested about herself and her goals. Did she think about the effort he put everyday in learning those pieces? The thing I noticed in music is if you don't practice everyday, you'll forget the song pieces and you've to start all over again as if its a new one. Its not like a bike ride. Once you learn, to remain with you forever. And if my son doesn't practice, he have to redo all over again.

Now, comes the art teacher. Her love for money is so high that she went beyond her level in teacher student ratio to sincerely teach any kid in allotted 1-1/2 hr based for the amount she charges.  Even though she has few assistants who are not professionals but recent graduates or working on graduation, she teaches to at least fifty kids. On top of that, she sometimes keeps herself busy in answering phone calls. I myself waited so many times for her to instruct or guide me but she was always busy. I used to get frustrated with long hours of waiting and didn't feel worth at all of $25 per class. But I adjusted and didn't complain at all. Because of being a mom, I used to be go according to my convenience and even sometimes on and off classes and she too did not complain. So, there was some kind of understanding. In January, due to a new assistant and she being a recent graduate helped me a lot and for couple of weeks, I spent more than 3 hours in class even though the class was supposed to be for 1-1/2 hr. During that time to, the teacher rarely used to come to give pointers as she is used to totally ignore me as other students all are kids and I understood that they needed that extra attention. I used to paint something based on her instructions and with my half knowledge and she is used to come after 30 or 40 minutes and used to correct me after all that hard work. Couple of times, I had to redo from scratch whatever I did in those 30 or 40 minutes. But my art was coming to life cause of this new assistant. The only problem was she used to do everything without giving me tips of how to mix colors or how to hold the brush and all the nitty gritty knowledge to make me a good artist. But just by watching her, I learned few. Using her given knowledge and online tips, I manged to portray few movie stars all by myself without attending the class.

 Last Saturday, instead of praising my work and effort, my art teacher's attitude changed and she blankly prompted the time of when I should leave. Art is such a thing where you can't just leave whatever you were doing just because time got over. She being an artist should know that better. The bad thing about her is she corrects kids work or does it herself before the kids parents come to pick up their kids and in that way she can make parents happy with their child's work. The worst thing is she used to do with me because of her habit of fixing things before anybody leaves the place. The insulting thing she did on that Saturday was by telling the assistant to not help me anymore after the allotted time and sending her away to help some other kid so that I can leave the place. I felt so insulted that I quickly packed my stuff and ran away. I don't want to go there anymore. I feel comfortable with the knowledge I gained from the assistant and plus the free knowledge which exists on the internet. I designed using photoshop of what I want to paint for the MediaRoom and now, I have to do it on my own.

That's the world we are in but wait....that's only, the half world. What about volunteers? My kids soccer coaches are so dedicated and well planned of what to teach and how to improve kids soccer skills to make them better players and ALL THIS THEY DO FOR FREE WITH ENTHUSIASM AND PASSION without craving for money or fame. And that's how teachers are supposed to be. First comes kids interest than comes their personal goals.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Post Valentine Day's Thoughts

Have you been to any department store lately? I have been to Kroger and I was speechless, when I saw how well, right at the entrance, they were marketing with sweet smell of flowers, huge balloons with all kinds of heartfelt messages for valentine's day. Just by looking at all that hullabaloo for Valentine's day make you to be part of it.

I had to buy few valentine cards for my kids for school purpose. While buying, I thought what a waste of time and money but little I know, I was impressed when I saw all the positive messages from my kids classmates. Some were thoughtful and some were so funny for their age like the one which said "You're tearing up my heart". The other card said "I've got my eye on you" and the other one says "Will you be my BFF?".

I came across a young man in Central market floral department. He wanted to buy a flower so he asked the florist about the flowers cost and went to the corner and checked money in his pocket. That was so sweet. That's the true spirit of valentine's day - love is in the air. I heard on CNN headlines about a woman who called up to say how her husband surprised her by displaying sweet messages about her in every cupboard in the kitchen. She was ecstatic about the whole thing saying that it was the best gift he ever gave to her, appreciating her hard work as a housewife. That's the spirit of the day. Sometimes, this kind of man made  invention is important, otherwise people don't take time to appreciate or show of their love or feelings to their dears. Yes, I agree, marketers use this to advertise and pressurize but its the thought that counts, putting on a show that makes the person near to your heart feel special and it is much much better than disregarding and ignoring the day.

It makes me sad that how married couple just ignore the day. Some have money, wife, time but has no interest or a thought of displaying their love for the person whom they love. Why? No need to display or put that extra show as love between them is implied or it is taken for granted.

So here is the toast for young people who keep the love alive, 
here is the toast for people who are in search of a life partner,
here is the toast for people who are inclined towards marriage and want to propose,
here is the toast for people who have tender feelings for someone special,
here is the toast for people who are going through unrequited love,
and finally a toast for people who believe in love and don't mind to get love fever.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Great day For Facebook and Twitter!

I'm so happy the way things ended in Egypt. Its like dream come true. Non-violent win in this modern world is truly admirable and proved to the world of what Mahatma Gandhi always believed in. I hope it spreads and inspires the other parts of the world where people are deprived from freedom and growth.

Even though Mark Zuckerberg never envisioned the Egypt's future or even for that matter what kind of role, he will be playing in the political world, his crave for girls and relationships problems among young people go through has made him to create this weapon which is changing the world for better if not the individual relationships.

Valentine's Day is Right Around the Corner. I am asking myself...What is Love?

Now a days, I am not sure about "what is love?". Last night, I had a very serious discussion with my husband about love. He asked me whether I love him. I said I don't know but I know for sure that I've affection. Then I asked him whether he is sure of his love. Cause, now a days, I am not sure of anything especially love. I started feeling that love is a temporary illusion state you feel for a person and nothing constructive comes from it.

We talked about Bruno Mars song "Grenade". See, whenever I hear that song especially for this lyrics "I'll catch a grenade for ya, I jump over the train for ya, I'll do anything for ya", critic in me says you are unstable man, that's why you are feeling in that way or maybe temporarily delusional so, for that reason, the girl is questioning you want me to fall for it? Everything is valid and sweet til love is felt on both sides but if only one is feeling then it becomes neurotic. Sad, but it is true.

Today I came across an article about 11 true tales of lovers who snapped. Among those eleven stories, one story caught my eye "A shared moment on a No. 5 train". Patrick Moberg was 21 years old when he saw the “girl of his dreams” on a New York subway train in November 2007. She was wearing blue gym shorts over blue tights, and she had rosy cheeks and a red flower in her hair. Moberg said the pair “shared a moment.” “There’s been a ton of pretty girls I’ve seen on the train, but I just couldn’t shake this one,” he told the New York Post.

So, he dashed home and built an Internet page — — and set about trying to find her. He drew and posted a sketch of the two of them, describing in detail what each of them was wearing when they locked eyes. (He took the added step of writing, “Not insane” on the sketch and pointing to his head with a little arrow.)

And ... guess what? He found her! 

Something truly like this happened with me. If you have read my older posts, you will know what I am talking about.  I went on internet search for a guy with whom I locked my eyes and that every instant we locked, it created an emotional bond with him which led me to being melancholy for past two and half years. And the shadows of it still shows on my face from time to time and now a days my hubby too started noticing. I can't explain what kind of bond it is but I'm sure it is not sexual. It is more of trust and a strong belief that somehow we are connected and know each other for a long long time. That's why it pains so much when I think of moving forward in life. Maybe I want a proof that someone can love me for whom I am that too unconditionally. Maybe I want a proof that shows love really exist, the way movies and songs portray about this immense love for a person which is boundless, not time based or immortal that it can never vanish regardless of how many people come in and out of your life. Maybe I want a proof that anybody can fall in love regardless of who they are, how old they are and what race or ethnicity they are.

Right now, I am in a stage where I can't ask God for help 'cause there is no solution. We can never be anything to each other. All I'm asking God is to make me forget about him totally even though it makes the bond fake or proves that bond was due to mental instability or temporary delusion. Yes, I totally want to forget about him and not chase him on the internet anymore. Whenever bright weather comes up or a rare incident happens like last week when it snowed in Dallas, I thought and felt like talking to him. I felt this connection or a pull towards him as we both were sharing the mother nature's beauty. Like whenever there is hoopla in Dallas over something, I feel like sharing with him the moment. That's when I feel like getting in touch with him.

I truly don't know how last year passed by. The whole year, 365 days, just whooshed by and  for everyday almost every hour, he was in my thoughts, in my world and in my life. How could this be possible? Is this love or mental illness? Why can't I move on with my life or just forget about him? Why this kind of hold he has on me? Would it have happened with others if they locked their eyes with mine? I know for sure he tried to communicate with me indirectly but I don't want to interact with him anymore as I'm not sure about myself nor on him nor on love or this bond. Whenever he interacts, the critic in me raises questions like oh boy! he is just time passing with you or just having fun so that he can gossip with his friends or he is just a vagabond. And when there is no action from him, I feel like he might have forgotten about me...yeah, why should he care, there are so many beautiful girls in this world so why he has to make his life miserable for me. This is never ending see-saw battle. That's why I truly deserve to be away from him as I'm not good in my thinking even though I'm capable of loving someone so deeply.

I know for sure, he won't do any direct talk or any kind of direct action to interact and I made up my mind of never to write any email or send text message or call his cell. I'll test out and wait patiently for the future to answer. If we both have some kind of bond then the future will give us a chance to interact or meet or be in touch forever and will answer "what is love?" til then I'll cross my fingers.

On Today's show, they showed about how fate brought a couple together after twenty years of separation. Good things do happen for people who wait patiently.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Poem For My Dear Dad

                                Down The Memory Lane 
                                                            (Dedicated to my dad)
 I still remember the good old days
When we spent time together in our own ways;
No one to criticize
Or no one to demoralize;

I remember the scooter ride days
Of us rushing to school without delays;

I remember the days when we used to play carams
As no one was there to feel envy or to slam;

I remember the days when we used to feel yippee
For getting an extra mirpakaya bhaji;

I remember the days when we used to have our monthly snack time
Rain or shine, you used to buy on time;

I remember the days we all used to sleep in one room
Even though it was one room, we cherish those memories as it was filled with memorable perfume;

I remember those days we all spent time together
Watching movies to serials without living life of away from each other;

I remember of how you planned and bought a scooty
Acted like as if it’s your duty;

I remember of how we used to rely on you
Waking up for exams or any event like an alarm attached to you;

I remember so many times you losing me
But still were able to find me;

Maybe we did not acknowledge the way we should be
But you always gave us shelter as a strong and secret tree;

You may not vocally loud to say what your thoughts are
But we know, true to our heart that you always had best interest for your family in your love filled jar;

We may not acknowledge or say it loud
But we do love you and care for you as we are your proud crowd;
I know your wish about me standing on my feet
But I am still waiting for an opportunity to fulfill your desire without any discreet;

I have a desire to give everything you dreamed of
              From chocolates to visiting lovely places to buying whatever you ever intended to
I know how you stopped yourself from enjoying life to have a smooth life for us
But sorry dad, I am not a go getter and had a life of pathless;

So here is a toast for the entire minor to major things you do
Without any further adieu
Happy birthday Nana
Have a cake made of banana;

Wishing and praying that all your wishful thinking to come true
And to have peaceful and cheerful life which you truly deserve to cue;

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hooray! No Cheer Leaders For Super Bowl XLV

The upcoming Super Bowl at Cowboys Stadium, home of the world's most famous cheerleaders and monument to all things poufy and glittering, will make history for a different reason.There will be no cheerleaders.

The Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers are two of the six NFL teams that do not employ cheerleaders. Really, I don't understand whats the use of them other than for vulgarity and indecency. What will the kids think when they try to dance provocative and sexual way? I have noticed so many girls trying to copy their moves. Good Lord, not this time!

Anyway Here is my husband's creative invitation for Super Bowl:

Watching the Super Bowl at Cowboys Stadium $1000

Standing outside the stadium and watching it on TV $200

Watching with friends  priceless

So lets get together at my place and watch the Super Bowl.

Birthdays Are Suppose To Be Special!

Yes, I wanted to be one of them. But I'm not. I try to be like them but that kind of mood comes like a flash and disappears without a trace and then I'll be back to my thoughts which dampens my mood.

Really, how do people be in jubilant mood, day in day out. I follow this blog on and off and I'm astonished at how she keeps herself happy everyday. Her blog and her smile shows how much she is enjoying her life everyday. Really, doesn't she ever be in off mood at all? Does she cover up and give us picture of everything just fantabulous?

Yesterday, I celebrated my birthday. I wanted to keep it low profile as in that way no high hopes so no disappointment. At least once a week, we go out for dining so to go on a birthday is nothing special, at least that was the notion, I had in my mind before my birthday arrived. But God had some other plans. Dallas had this unbelievable snow/icy storm which made schools and offices to shut off.

"Rain, sleet and snow pushing ahead of the coldest weather in more than 20 years left broad swaths of North Texas virtually impassable Tuesday."

So, now I have this full day to spend with my family and be under house arrest.  The way I visualized my birthday was to attend my son's school to go on a World Tour along with second graders. And then get dressed up to go to Main Event to play bowling and other games with my hubby and have an enjoyable lunch. Then pick kids up from school and take care of their homework and then have a fabulous dinner at Cantina Laredo.

But this storm threatened and planned to ruin my day. But inside my heart, I was so glad to see the beauty, the whiteness everywhere. It was a winter wonderland in Dallas and due to that a special holiday for all Dallas residents. And I got to spend my entire day with husband and kids. But my hubby instead of having brilliant ideas, he was like we are not going anywhere. Driving will be hazardous, risking everybody's life. I said, ok, no problem, but don't expect me to cook and he was like ok, we all will have bread or something. But I was hell bent to drive solo and go somewhere rather than be stuck at home. He changed his heart and was ready to dine out at a close to house Mexican restaurant.

But luckily, the near by Mexican restaurant was closed and we were destined to go to Cantina Laredo. The whole time even though he was doing for me, he kept on whining about how difficult to drive and how car can get damaged due to bad icy roads. I said I can't appreciate your effort if you keep on whining. Really, why the beloved one, your life partner can't treat the day special? I came down a lot in my wishes and desires after marrying him because for him birthdays are nothing special. It is just one more day to live and breathe.

Anyhow, we had a fabulous time even though the road conditions were bad but the trip was special due to the road conditions, other wise, it would have been just a casual dine-out. We had warm salsa with crispy chips. I had mango margarita along with chili releno. We took our sweet time as were not in hurry to go anywhere. Kids too enjoyed their food. While coming back I noticed Main Event, I pleaded him to take me there so that we can have some fun playing and be outside. But he said "no" as expected. At that instant, I thought about J and about youngsters who are in their 20's, how they might have reacted. I bet he would have taken that exit and would have given me, exciting and fun two hour outing.

We came home watched CNN and followed the Egypt news. Woo..current affairs! But luckily my neighbors called and wanted to pop in to wish and celebrate my birthday. We had a good chat about husbands and their mentality. My neighbor decided to cook something to make my day special. So she invited us to her home. We talked and talked and later had pasta with breaded potatoes along with champagne. And later watched "Ira and Abby" a romantic comedy while kids watched "Ice Age 1". Somehow, stretched my "so-called" special day to midnight.

Summary Of The Movie:

The movie follows the story of Ira Black, a 33-year-old psychology Ph.D. candidate with therapist parents. Black has been in an on-and-off relationship with Leah for the past nine years and is, as he confides to his therapist, unsatisfied with their relationship on many levels. It is implied that they two have the same conversation every time Black comes to the office. His therapist then informs him that their 12 years of doctor-patient relationship must come to a close as therapy clearly isn't helping him. The therapist encourages Black to be spontaneous, finish his dissertation, and do things he wouldn't normally do.
Ira goes to his favorite cafe and struggles (as usual) to order. After flip-flopping several times, he finally orders. While he's eating his meal, he looks across the street to see a gym and remembers that Leah found him overweight. After his meal, he goes to the gym and makes an appointment for a tour with the irritating receptionist and waits 45 minutes before Abby arrives to show him around.
Initially irritated with the long wait, Ira is soon struck by Abby's ability to be involved in other people's lives. She seems to know everyone at the gym and be a trusted source of advice and a good listening ear. She gives Ira a terrible tour, but they somehow hit it off and spend the next six hours talking in the unused yoga room.
Through their conversation, Ira discovers that Abby lives with her parents who are musicians. She is a great believer in people's goodness and always wants to help others. At the end of their conversation, she proposes marriage to Ira, who is initially shocked. After a bit though, he agrees and the two consummate their engagement in her office.
At the end of the day, both Ira and Abby return home to tell their parents of their engagement. Ira's parents are upset that it's not Leah, and Abby's are extremely excited and begin to plan their daughter's wedding right away. Later that night, Ira and Abby talk about their future and make an agreement to have sex every day.
The two marry on the patio of Abby's family's brownstone in a small ceremony and spend the evening chatting inside. When they attempt to return to Ira's apartment to enjoy their wedding night, the car they hired breaks down. Desperate to enjoy each other, the two take the subway from a bad neighborhood. They are mugged at gunpoint on the way, and Abby steps up to face the mugger and offer him the money he needs. Ira is scared at first, and then proud of his new wife.
Over the next weeks, Ira and Abby adjust to being married and enjoy shopping for their apartment. They attend the movies and awkwardly run into Leah, which brings Ira's worries about Abby to the front of his mind. The two begin marriage counseling. At the same time, Ira's mother and Abby's father begin to have an affair after Ira's mother begins a voice-over career. When the families take a holiday picture (Abby's family's tradition), Ira learns that Abby was married twice before. Angry that she didn't tell him, Ira asks for and gets an annulment. After returning to Dr. Friedman (his old therapist) and realizing how much he loves Abby, Ira proposes again, and the two remarry.
After the second wedding, with the two ex-husbands in attendance, things seem to get better. One day, Abby meets Leah at the gym, and Leah confides in her that she misses her ex. Not realizing that she is talking about Ira, Abby offers her advice — that she should get in contact with him for closure. Not long after that, Abby goes to dinner with one of her ex-husbands. Ira is extremely worried, so he takes Leah up on her offer for drinks. The two go to her apartment and kiss. Guilt-racked Ira returns home to find Abby sobbing on their couch, afraid that he was cheating and emotionally rattled from her dinner. The next day, Leah and Abby meet for lunch and discuss their evenings. When Ira walks in to meet Abby, the two women realize that he is the man they are both talking about.
Following this latest escapade, Abby pulls all of the therapists that she, her parents, Ira, and Ira's parents have ever used into one room for a giant session. After a while, Ira and Abby realize that they can put their differences aside and love each other. The film ends with the two of them divorcing and vowing to love each other.