Thursday, January 6, 2011

Webmaster Slogan

Part of volunteering as a PTA webmaster, I had to write something about my post so that a layman can understand what my post tries to accomplish. I wanted to write something funny but still stress on things which I do on day to day basis to help PTA.

This is what I came up with (Changed the website name to be anonymous):

Have you ever visited PTA.ORG?
Well, you need to!

  • Want a quick information about past or present or future events…..GO TO PTA.ORG
  • Want to email any PTA member and don’t know the email address…well, you know where to go….@ PTA.ORG.
  • Oh oh you trashed the school calendar and no clue “what is when” or “when is what”… go to PTA.ORG.
  • Oh no! You misplaced the monthly messenger….no problem, check your inbox   
  • Oh yeah! Opted out from PTA emails or thought its an annoying email from PTA and deleted the email and now desperate to know the                   information…….no problem go to PTA.ORG
  • Sudden urge to join PTA and wondering any position open…no problem go to PTA.ORG.
  • No time to go through calendar or emails or messengers...want some quick bulletins…well go to PTA.ORG.
  • For Up to date PTA presidents messages ….go to PTA.ORG
  •   For Volunteer information forms or any event forms/rules….go to PTA.ORG
  • Want to go paperless/GREEN and help the environment, you can help by opting in for emails from  PTA or by going to PTA.ORG     
 Any quick question to PTA member or regarding school or any comments or complaints to be passed to the school or PTA, your webmaster is one click away at PTA.ORG.


I thought PTA president will not be happy with my work but to my surprise she loved it. woohoo! Way to go!!

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