Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Unrequited Love

                              Unrequited Love

For two years and beyond She chased a person,
                She was not to herself that was the reason;

He gave the attention and showered her with affection,
                and that allowed her for intrusion;

Once they both got separated in 2008
                She was devastated day and night;

She sobbed  like a baby as if she lost her favorite bear,
                everything looked pale and frail;

She wanted to scream aloud and wanted to know, meeting him was not a dream,
                 as She was drowning with tears of stream;

Her sense of belonging was so strong about him,
                 nothing in this world would've stolen the belief in him;

Finally she found him on the Facebook
                 and gave a message under Sally Cars as she was not sure after  looking at his profile looks;

As usual he did not bother to respond
                             so she messaged him on myspace asking him about his recent job which he applied;

She poured her heart out in her messages
                              as She was torn without knowing his intentions;

Oh yeah, finally after a month, he replied saying "who I am?"
  and she said how can you not recognize me when you showered with attention 
                                               week after week til I fell for your spam;

She was not kidding or bidding time,
      he just didn't know how to approach as her anxious mind started to chime;
He got scared and posted himself as in relationship with someone
                              she wanted to die virtually without any commotion;

Not sure of what she saw in him for having this never ending longing
                  Told him goodbye and said sorry for feeling a sense of belonging;

He was single and young in twenties
                   And she was married with kids in thirties;

Until he came along,
                   she did not know that she needed was attention to livelong;

She felt like she got cheated and hated people who were in twenties
      but as time progressed she vowed that she'll always think about the good times 
                   even though there is no lovey dovies;

After a ten day vacation to Hawaii, she was still longing for him
                   He posted on myspace to say that he is tired and grim;

Believe it or not but after three and half months of on and off interaction through google search and facebook
  she finally found guts to reveal herself even though not sure of how it may look;

To her surprise he invited for a booze birthday party
        she didn't reply as she felt like he did not recognize her and acting snotty;

He publicly displayed his phone number
        and pleaded to call him or else he'll drink until he won't remember;

She couldn't call as she was not sure to whom he was messaging
              she was embarrassed for her meaningless longing;

He invited her for his birthday party with great delight
       That's when she realized he was messaging her all along, 
                            based on number of profile views on myspace website;

She was shocked that how can he invite a married woman to ignite
                                so snorted back at him for being so impolite;

All she wanted was his acknowledgment of his affection and sincerity
                                but not to divulge herself in infidelity;

As expected she called him to wish on his birthday but he said not to call ever
               She wrote a tearful email of how she cares for him and want to be in touch with him forever;

He responded indirectly from his ex-girlfriend's myspace 
                       "remember sweetie, I can make you look like a shit"
       Being insulted in such a depriving way 
                      even after reading her agonizing email, she felt like vomit;

He updated sincerely about his status in Myspace
                  She sent an email to tell him to apologize for being so disgrace;

He refrains himself from those words
                  And told her he'll take legal actions if she herds;

Even though she knew he said those disrespectful words, she was pathetic
                   And never wanted to split as she was sick;

She took depression pills
                             after telling Doctor her heart wrenching trills;

Doc told her to make nearby friends
                              and not rely on her sister who is faraway to befriend;

His heart melted and he opened a twitter account
                              she thanked him and said we'll surmount;

He tweeted many times during the day
                              And invited too many times as a date to her dismay;

She wanted to just remain as friends
                              even though she felt jealous to see him with girlfriends;

She never called him on the phone in spite of him telling number of times
                              But she couldn't as once- bitten- twice- shy mimes;

Months passed but he never let his heart out and sent an email
                              Restricted himself with 140 character twitter trail;

She couldn't figure out why he can't write an email
          And wondered too many times whether this is a game of suing tell-tale;

He started using f-words showing signs of frustration
            she couldn't call or text as she did not know what was his motivation;

He made her feel jealous with his new girl friends
                But she couldn't do anything as she only wanted to be a friend;

She was adamant on him writing a personal email
                 And he wouldn't do it for whatever the reason behind the tale;

Months passed, seasons changed
                           Too many times misunderstanding happened;

When She was ready to call....he was not ready to answer
                           And when he was ready, she did not usher;

He deleted his yahoo account so that she can never send an email
But she found his another email id to continue this never ending meaningless   tale;

She waited too long to hear his unwavering affection
                          But it never came at any direct interactive junction;

He didn't tweet for weeks, but passed his sisters wedding pictures through his sisters twitter account
                          which she saw and enjoyed without repent;

Through email she came back in his life like a horror movie on a Halloween Day
                 And told him how she enjoyed his indirect photo sharing even though there is no direct say;

To her surprise, she found out his facebook account being public
                          started snooping around to find him being alcoholic;

Indirectly she leaked out that she is following him on facebook
                          that's how they became facebook snooks;

He was desperate to talk on the phone
               but she was comfortable through emails but scared to hear his tone;

Finally on Dec 22nd, he called like a radio surveyor,
         even though she recognized his voice, she panicked and became naysayer;

She wished him on Christmas and pleaded him to correspond
                  but he acted as if he never called and made her wait for twelve days without any response;

She gets a call on Jan 4th from a private number
                 Her anxiousness goes higher as she feels someone wants to cumber;

She checks his facebook and finds him say "feeling crappy"
                         Which makes her feel happy;

Instead of acknowledging, she snorts back by telling him to study
                         if he is bored as she is not the remedy;

As usual he gets upset for her unwanted advices
                         and not responds to her excuses;

Feeling dejected, she keeps her distances
                    but devotedly follows him on facebook without any resistance;

Being smart, he found a way to know when she comes online and checks his facebook updates
                        He opened his status floodgates;

Puzzled and happy, she used to find it telepathic
                        even though it looked chaotic;

Finally she understood what was going on,
             found a way to check his status through his friends friend list to con;

He did not update his status as he did not know why she was not searching for him
                        She felt amusing to see his facebook wall being dim;

Hmm..he figured out what was happening as he can see every facebook search she does,
                        and started updating his status without any fuzz;

Now, its her turn to be puzzled about what he knows
             So she stopped searching for his friend from where his status showed;

She wrote an email telling him that actions speak louder than words
                        but pleaded him to write a friendly email to be heard;

He did not listen so she asked him if she is a taboo
                       then break up and say yoo-hoo;

She was finding it difficult to see him keeping his distance
                       And not interacting other than few sentences;

Time for his birthday cheer
                      So she wished him and said to forget about her;

He thanked her back through his facebook veil
                       but never bothered to write her an email;

Without knowing his facebook-search secret fraction
                       She searched for his status update taking covert action;

He was ready to say goodbye with a peeve
                  by saying these words "All is left is our legacy...when we leave";

After two days she changed her mind and wrote an email
                       and told him about her pathetic tale;

He replied back with swifer's commercial song 'baby come back'
She felt it amusing but snorted back saying to give her a slack by emailing back;

That's the end of this story.
                       He said he is tired and told to stop this quarry;

He updated his facebook profile picture
              based on her facebook search to inform his status within his stricture;

After one and half months, she says sorry and tell him that how she misses him
            Responded this time through his sisters twitter account by retweeting the old and funny whims;

Not knowing about his whims
                        she was sicken to death with grim;

She sent many emails to his blocked account
                        without any count;

He updated his facebook profile with a beer toast
          But she was ignorant about his knowledge of  her being a facebook ghost;

Finally, he tweeted "I'm Up. Well, quit posting so much stuff'"
                         She waited til the mystery solved and emailed with a puff;

As usual he tweeted on his sisters account
 about how someone's love made him to love himself without mentioning the fount;

He called her couple of times as private
                          keeping everything indiscreet;

Finally she understood that it was him tweeting
           she took a brave step and told him to do the specific time phone calling;

But he did not respond as per request
                          So she finally broke up and vowed to protest;

Her ignorance of his facebook knowledge made them interact indirectly
                          but that short lived, once she figured out quickly;

She found him on a hunting forum,
                       there too he tried to interact but she never responded to him, 
            never to be drown again in the jorum;

He updated his career history on Linkedin, told the reason for break up with ex
                          but she is done with his specs;

Don't know whether he was true to her or played with her emotions
    but she will forgive him as she has to be blamed for her meaningless devotion;

She is bruised emotionally
                         but will never again believe in him unconditionally;

Recently too she received blank calls
                        but will never believe in prank calls;

She vowed to never interact with him forever
                        as she wants to end this meaningless endeavor;

She feels sorry for him and for her
                        but nothing was in her hands as her mind was in blur;

Beliefs are the key to happiness
                       but leads to chase something which is meaninglessness;

She is so ashamed of her antics
                      which caused her to be frantic;

She wonders why God allow such things happen
                      only to feel remorse and regret which is permanently written;

She made him love himself
                       and he made her hate herself;

The lesson she learned is not to believe in non-verbal communication as it can lead to delusion
              and the lesson he should learn is not to flirt with poor souls
              or else he'll be the victim of unnecessary intrusion;

It makes me wonder 
     whether these two souls ever thunder or remember each other forever
                                               or time will erase this blunder;

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