Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fun Turned Out To Be A Disaster

Recently, I started playing chess with my husband. I usually don't like to play any game with him as he is too competitive and would always love to defeat me. So same story again and I lost even after pretty good moves.

I lost the game and I lost my temper too. I created unnecessary animosity among us. I started saying how he takes pride in defeating me, how every move he took more than ten minutes and how he acted as if his life was on the line. Really, why can't he make mistakes and have fun while playing rather than be serious and play like as if he is going to get a trophy? Anyway he told that from next game onwards, we'll be playing two-minute time out for every move.

What I figured out is you should do somethings which makes you feel good rather than feel like a loser. I guess you should not play competitive games with your husband. The loser will never feel better. I was sore loser and on top of that I argued with him in front of my kids. At the end the day, both of my decisions of playing and then arguing about the loss in front of kids, made me feel guilty. How can I tell my kids to be gracious even after loss when I myself don't follow such rules.

Something to laugh on after I updated facebook status of how disappointed I was after playing with my husband:

"who won the game ? :-)"

"Winning game is not be the issue.. Argument might be abt who knows the game better... :) Even if king knows nothing, shouldn't say it on face.. King is always king ;) take it easy.." 

"the point is - to give them something munchy, so they get busy with that while u plan ur strategy......i agree with ur friend..take it easy, its just a game...."

: "First Management principle.. 1. Boss is always right 2. If Boss does some thing wrong.. Refer to point one above,,, :)"

"let us hear from her...what has really happened instead of giving your commentary :-)"

Me: "Of course I was the sore loser but I lost my temper because he played like as if he is going to get a trophy, every move was like ten minute thought process. If your opponent makes mistakes then only it's fun to play but he was like his lif...e was hanging on it and if he loses... his pride may go down. No, I'm not good example for kids. First, I lose the game and then I lost my temper. Guilty of two things. Anyway for the next game, we decided to allocate two minutes for every move. I guess with husbands you should play only fun games not competitive games ;)"

"where are your hubby's comments on this topic...we need to hear both sides before we deliver our decision :-)" 

"Ego comes wired with men...u cant detach it from them without breaking their system.....its tragic, but true....we just have to learn to live with it....."

"so right..fault always lies with men..this way or that way ;-)" 

Me: "Daughter: Mommy, look we don't mind losing to Daddy.
        Me: yeah, you're mature
Daughter: what does that mean?
        Son: means you're almost like an adult.
Daughter: so we're adults and mommy is not.
     ...Me(thinking to myself): you don't understand....it's complicated:(

Hope facebooks beacons won't read my messages or else they may start displaying commercials about " how not to be a sore loser?" or "tips for how to win chess games" or "how to get along or how to have    fun with your husband?".... Haha... Never ending funny thoughts:)

@MyFriend, Shhh... Hubby has no clue about my facebook rants;) until unless you plan for something.

MyFriend, yes totally EGO"

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