Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ethan Hawke's Before Sunset

My first thoughts while watching this movie was about Ethan Hawke. He looked depressed, slim and too old. Did he do it purposefully for the movie sake? Well, I don't know. That look on his face made the movie close to my heart and made it real.

I was so engrossed while watching this movie that I never knew how time passed by. At the beginning of the movie, their meeting after nine years was not dramatic at all and on top of that, she talked about every aspect of her life other than love or how she missed him. We can clearly look in his face, the pain, the longing but she was cold and unattached. Later at the end of the movie, you get answers of why she was like that.

I totally liked the movie so much as I told you earlier of how it relates to me. The director left the ending for us to imagine. Well, my ending will be like this: He'll stay back in Paris for few more days and then travel to US to get divorce as you can see by look on his face of how unhappy he was, the whole time he was with his wife. This is his second chance to make his life the way he want with love of his life and I bet, he'll never want to lose that chance forever. So, they live happily ever after and Celine will be a very good mother to his daughter.

One more thought occurred to me of why she did not turn up at the station after six months, the way they planned to meet. Even though because of her Grandma's death, by not coming, she kept the door open for her imagination but if she turned up and he did not, her love, her imagination, everything will die.

Well thanks to the internet, I found the guy who made me feel the way she felt for him but due to our complicated circumstances even though we both know how to get in touch with her, we'll never meet or interact ever. We "chose" to be DEAD for each other. Well, my heart longs for him but I can't do anything as this is how it is supposed to be and on top of that, we don't have respect or understanding for each other. If he wanted, we could have been distant good long lasting friends like knowing every path of his life and be supportive and helpful whenever he is in need. Something would have been better than being touch-me-not. I'm just waiting for that year where I totally would have forgotten about him and moved on with my life but I have to question myself "Is it possible?" after watching this movie.

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