Friday, January 7, 2011

Ethan Hawke's Before Sunrise

Have you ever heard or seen Ethan Hawke's 1995 movie "Before Sunrise"? Well, if you didn't, you should watch of course with a group as this movie has lot of talking and serious discussions on life and how meeting a stranger changes your life.The story goes like this: A young man and woman meet on a train in Europe, and wind up spending one romantic evening together in Vienna. Unfortunately, both know that this will probably be their only night together.

I watched with my husband along with my neighbors. We had so much fun discussing varied topics ranging from couples life before marriage to show off couples to fake love to after marriage fiascoes.

One thing for sure, every married woman has same kind of complaints about their husbands. For instance, my neighbor told about how she took an extra effort to grow her hair as that's what her fiance(at that time) told her to have before marriage. After marriage, she had it for two months but not once he told her how lovely she looked with her long hair. She patiently waited each and every day and then finally she chose short hair, even then sweet hubby of hers, did not bother to notice or comment. In his defense, my neighbors husband says that, many times words came up to tip of his tongue but he stopped himself as it may have sounded inappropriate and he wanted her to do what she likes rather than forcing his wishes on her. Sounds so typical...right?

We talked about how guys before marriage show their love and importance by opening a car door or giving beautiful flowers. Why all that changes, once you are married? Why that sweet talk of holding hands and looking into eyes and immersing himself in her chit chat while having lunch/dinner stops? Why that special planning for evenings and weekends stops?

This movie makes you think or talk about how Ethan Hawke travels to Europe to meet his girlfriend but she breaks up with him and how he overcomes that turmoil by meeting a stranger. If he didn't meet her, he would've been in pain and broken heart, hating himself and his surroundings. She gave him a new life, new thinking, new hope and something to hold on to. The whole time in this movie, the couple discuss about how their liking's to each other may change once they start knowing each other. That is true. Something like that I experienced. I guess sometimes its good to say good bye to your happy moment with someone rather than prolong and wait until the beautiful dream gets destroyed.

Finally at the end of the movie, these strangers decide to meet after six months and that's the sequel....can't wait to see it. But I can predict...things will not go well. I chased someone like that but after both came to know about each other, the feelings are same for the special guy I met but I can't relate the real guy to the guy who made me feel special and its vice-versa. The more you try to understand someone, the more its get complicated.

If any of you are planning to have a movie club, this one goes right on the top.

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