Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Young And Single - When It Is Right Time To Find A Partner

Lately, I came up with a theory for youngsters is when it's good time to find a life companion, According to my obeservation, good time for single youngsters is before you turn 25 as that's when opposite gender madly falls in love for you and expects less from you as it is due to ignorance, inexperience and they believe deeply in their boyfriend/girlfriend and think without them the world will come to end. They won't think about family, finance, luxury or even normal day-to-day basis of how-to-lead-a-life. Gals are ready to do double shifts, work hard to keep their man happy and make him feel proud of whatever he is doing to keep them together and forever.

But once you cross 25...Oooo..thinks become harder. Lot of expectations from guys and gals. Gals expect guys to work in respected white collar job, should earn a good salary, would be willing to pay for dining/outdoor trips and should shower them with expensive, making friends-jealous kind of gifts. Don't know much of what guys expect...maybe like the way "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry song which conveys that she needs to be strong in delivering a joke, good sex, mind boggling body,  love sports and yeah definitely should be earning well to make the pair look more attractive.

I personally choose marriage before you turn 25 as you may even face difficulties to survive financially but there is a tender love which is irreplaceable not maligned with superficial desires or expectations.

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