Thursday, December 2, 2010

Women!! Women!! Women!!

Do you ever wonder why women are everywhere? Recently I have noticed and gave a thought by looking around me....WOMEN ARE EVERYWHERE. I see there existence not mere but profound existence in commenting on blogs to MTV college concerts to public concerts to idiotic party photos to radio listeners to website subscribers to work area to shopping malls to grocery stores to Facebook or social media users to crime reporting journalism to war reporters to sports arena. You name it, women are there and even sometimes on motorbikes too.

But as per my knowledge goes women  population is less than men so why is our presence seen everywhere. Where do guys exist not that I'm looking for one? I saw there existence in computer related or fishing forums but otherwise we overtake the world with constant presence and consistent never ending say on every topic in this world.

Can you hear us? Oh hell, We heeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaar ya!! That's not me. That's what guys are saying ;)

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