Friday, December 3, 2010

I Made Him To Love Himself And He Made Me To Hate Myself!

Something special for you J, but please don't freak out. I am using my raw talent and this is what I did with your Myspace profile picture.


This picture clearly says you lost a lot of weight. Hope my anonymous way of  communication over the internet for couple of months in '08 has not caused you to lose weight. Really, unbelievable loss of weight. Hope you are keeping up well now. This is my gift to you. Maybe little bit freaky to draw you but I' m working on my homework as a part of my Art class which I'm undertaking from past two months. Want a good one, all you've to do is pose ;)

Feel like keeping this as my facebook profile picture and freak you out but I CAN'T...


  1. You are phenomenally gifted. I still struggle with stick figures :)

  2. Thanks Carmi for commenting on my art work. Wow! I'm gifted. Woohoo! That means a lot. If you need a quick tip, all you've to do is to check this site: