Friday, December 17, 2010

The Secret Behind "Why Teens And Young Adults Can Easily Hack The Internet?"

The other day when wiki leaks surfaced and Julian Assange got arrested and reports surfaced that some anonymous group trying to start a cyber war by attacking credit card companies and a guest on CNN said this group might be a bunch of teens............that's it that made me can teens with limited knowledge be so powerful.

Don't you ever wonder, they are still  in learning stages and exploring stuff, how can they be the founders of Facebook, Napster, Sarah Palin's Email is it possible?

For this my husband said  "at that age, you have no fear, no boundaries, relentless try until you get what you want...its like you tell a kid to jump from the top of the house...he will jump without thinking about future or pain or anything...nothing comes to his mind...all he want to do is jump and impress his/her friends." And that is so true. Adults give up for many number of reasons but teens won't as they have time to find resource to get things done.

The lesson I learnt is sometimes ignorance is a bliss, the more knowledge you access, the more it'll pull you back, you try to conscious, safe and secure. The other day I was reading a book about "Science Behind Bicycles?" A person who don't know how to ride a cycle, after reading that book will feel dijected and will give up of learning as it talks about balance, how much you need to tilt to get the balance, how much degree your body should turn before you turn the handle to take a turn. But on normal basis of riding a cycle, you don't put that much theory behind it or else nothing in life would've been enjoyable.

So, thats where my theory evolved - Why Teens And Young Adults Can Easily Hack The Internet?

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