Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Person Of The Year, Mark Zuckerberg

A fine article on Mark Zuckerberg at Time magazine.

My thoughts and snippets from the article:

  • Wish I could work for Facebook and learn all the tricks and feel smart for the things I accomplish.
  • Wish to be as smart as Zuckerberg or at least belong in that nerdy group.
  • Too ashamed after comparing myself with genius like Zuckerberg who is using his intelligence and changing the world, who is making use of time in a precious way.
  • Wish I was born in that kind of family. If not my intelligence at least because of family connections I would've been with smart people around learning all the current technology and been on the mark of how to think and makes things work.
  • I was thinking to be a girlfriend of Zuckerberg, you need to be at least as smart as him like that Chinese girl. Of course smart always meets smart.
  • Unbelievable that he had same girlfriend from like eight years. Applause!! Way to go!!
  • Even if he gets married too there won't be a nagging wife to say "You all the time keep yourself busy. No interest on me,,,blah, blah" because she has her own life, dreams and aspirations and vision for future.
  • One interesting topic which made me giggle when he poses a question: Why wouldn't you want to share? Why wouldn't you want to be open — unless you've got something to hide? "Having two identities for yourself is an example of a lack of integrity,"----Yeah, that's true of no integrity, But people always don't lead transparent life because there are so many things involved like confidence, lack of judgment, social restrictions, criticism and you truly open about yourself. It is just not possible to let the whole world know about your mundane thoughts and sometimes vicious thinking because whatever chemical imbalance going on with your brain.
  • One more Mark Zuckerberg's statement: "If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place."---- We shouldn't do but we do that's why we are humans. We are not perfect. We have flaws in us. 
  • Ooo..even he believes in serendipity ------ "We have this concept of serendipity — humans do," Zuckerberg says. (The clarification is vintage Zuckerberg.) "A lucky coincidence. It's like you go to a restaurant and you bump into a friend that you haven't seen for a while. That's awesome. That's serendipitous. And a lot of the reason why that seems so magical is because it doesn't happen often. But I think the reality is that those circumstances aren't actually rare. It's just that we probably miss like 99% of it. How much of the time do you think you're actually at the same restaurant as that person but you're at opposite sides so you don't see them, or you missed each other by 10 minutes, or they're in the next restaurant over? When you have this kind of context of what's going on, it's just going to make people's lives richer, because instead of missing 99% of them, maybe now you'll start seeing a lot more of them."-----------don't you understand that's the problem, everyone things about serendipity and gets into false notion of something about someone and makes a wrong decision and there goes another relationship.......Relationships on Facebook have a seductive, addictive quality that can erode and even replace real-world relationships. Friendships multiply with gratifying speed, and the emotional stakes stay soothingly low; where there isn't much privacy, there can't be much intimacy either. It's like an emotional Ponzi scheme, where you keep putting energy in and getting it back tenfold, even though the dividends start to feel a little fake. 
  • Reaction about Newsfeed on Facebook: Social norms change. People hated Facebook's News Feed when it was introduced in 2006. They thought it was creepy and intrusive. Zuckerberg stood his ground, and now Facebook is unimaginable without it. He moved the chains, and we went with him, setting up our defense that much farther toward the end zone. "When caller ID came out, people went psycho. You know, because, Oh my God, now people are going to know I'm calling them! This is terrible! I'm going to end up being tracked, and Big Brother and Orwell and all that! The reality is now you won't pick up a call unless you know who's calling you." 
  • Article ends with: But for all its flaws, there was no other way for Facebook to begin. Only someone like Zuckerberg, someone as brilliant and blinkered and self-confident and single-minded and social as he is, could have built it. "The craziest thing to me in all this," he says, "is that I remember having these conversations with my friends when I was in college. We would just sort of take it as an assumption that the world would get to the state where it is now. But, we figured, we're just college kids. Why were we the people who were most qualified to do that? I mean, that's crazy!"  
  • All smart people have some kind of vision but to make it into reality is something extraordinary so hats off to Mark Zuckerberg, Person Of The Year for whatever the reason and whatever the flaws in Facebook, it is changing our world for better or for worse but it is affecting our lives.
  • As for as me I am astonished and constantly amazed with the way facebook is keep on metamorphosing, pushing us to new levels and testing human nature.

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