Monday, December 6, 2010

Virtual Interaction

Yes J, I saw your profile. Happy to see you flourishing and taking pride in your work. I know, you posted in detail all your work history for my sake with an undated profile picture. Thank you for honoring me with your effort. Well, best of luck in your future endeavors. You'll always have my support and wishes. Hope you are studying well to get your degree in 2012 as per expected.

Well, if you tried to see for my profile, you won't find it as I don't have any to-be-told career but my profile goes like these:

Current: Devoltionally Attached To One, Engineer
Education: Masters in Computers
Industry: Family


Dedicated to family life, believes in unconditional love, very ignorant of the world, safely, secludedly, over protectively  brought up by parents, sensitive, friendly, helpful, good natured, creative parenting skills, highly involved parent, hard worker, curious to learn new things, motivator, believes in freedom and space.


Devotionally Attached To One
Jun '08 - Present
  • Believed in someone's attention and numerous strong powerful pathetic pleading-for-friendship gaze and got dragged self to unconditional love
  • Learned about popular social media websites
  • Wrote countless messages describing her attachment, feelings like an open book somewhat pathetically
  • Learned about google, yahoo alerts and uses her computer knowledge to be on top of every topic about his life.
  • Truly follows that persons every internet move
  • Proved herself that she is loyal and can unconditionally love someone without expecting anything in return.
  • Takes her job seriously
  • Struggling to understand that how someone can love this position for so long and asks herself this question: have we known each other from past births or else why this unexplainable attachement? Why you want to let me know every tiny detail of your life unless you strongly believe in my past birth theory?
  • Hoping to continue this position as long as she lives anf be intouch with this person from far without any kind of interaction.
  • Truly beleives that we-were-meant-to-be-good-with-eachother theory and totally believes in some pure unexplainable bond even though in reality it is nothing - two people met and got seperated, that's all - nothing much to it.

Nov '98 - current
  • Learned hard way to survive and go through criticism in her first year of married life.
  • Learned that in arranged marriages love will not be in the picture until you gain the trust of the person and for sometime you have to go through a life of a third and uninvited person in your own home i.e.,  so called husband's place.
  • Learned that even though married willfully, still have to go through criticism on everything related to your pre-marriage days from the-way-you-speak to way-of-living-life to parents-brought-up.
  • Learned to cook, shop, maintain family life
  • Learned to travel and tried different cuisines because of husband being a computer consultant.
  • Learned how not to be overly attached to anyone and be reclusive to emotions, love,desires, hopes and aspirations as world doesn't love you the way you are.
  • Learned that without money, no one loves or respects you and there is no unconditional ever lasting love which you ignorantly believe that you get in from your life partner.
  • Raised beautiful smart kids and has been fully 100% involved in their welfare.
  • Taught kids how to read before they turned three.
  • Takes priviledge in kids love for reading.
  • Read countless books, videoed and made a movie of every important moment of their life.
  • Inspired kids to learn swimming, skating and most important of all to be a music lover, made them learn piano from age three.
  • Occupied devotedly to kids early life and home schooled them until they turned to outside school life.
  • Learned that once woman gets married, its difficult to think of having career and having her own life unless she is ready to sacrifice time for family and the attention which kids crave at this young age.
  • Learned to scream at top of my lungs to get any things done otherwise no one listens at home, especially kids.
  • Learned that school expects you to participate in every trivial things related to your child from everyday homework to school activities to science projects to field trips.
  • Learned that there is a limited job opportunity if you are looking for part-time..either ithas to be a sales person or lifting loads at some warehouse or a bus or postal driver.
  • Learning how to be a good parent and trying very hard about not to influence kids with sometimes no-patience behavior and not to scream or yell if things go out of control.
  • Ofcourse praying God to make me a good wife and show empathy towards my husband and encourage his new family-oriented endeavors.
  • Learning how to be social and make new friends and still in search of finding a friend with whom I can really connect with.
  • Learned and accepted that to have a happy marriage life, you don't have to have head-over-the-heels love but true understanding of your partner and make few adjustments to  have a successul longlasting marriage life.
  • Learned that arranged marriages may start rough but will gain love momentum as the years pass on and you'll get in-tuned with the other person and adjust your life. You'll understand that there is nothing better on other side of the world, it just looks like grass is greener but it is just a mirage.
  • Learned that you need just one person in this world who can be your true friend and truly loves every minute of his/her life with you and the rest about having lot-of-friends is just to time pass.
  • Learned that the smaller the circle the better your marriage life will be or else too many distractions, too many options to wander off, too much divertion, too many unsolicited advises and great risk of diverting off from your life partner.

Masters in Computers
  • Studied relentlessly as if there was no other world existed.
  • Top in class.
  • Hardworker
  • Took pride in whatever I was doing from research to project completion, ontime and helpful to others

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