Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm Better Off

I hanged a collage of selective and memorable images of my marriage life on the wall. It shows the journey of  how we progressed as a couple and how collectively exteneded our family by adding two.  It shows how an innocent girl traveled through her life and became mother of two. Every picture has a story. Every picture lets us know where we were in our life whether we were happy or grumpy or just posed smiling for the camera sake.

Why I say I'm better off is 'cause when I used to see Facebook profiles of young people who are in their early twenties posing away and showing all their affection and hugs to the partner, I felt shooting pain in my heart and felt lonely, seeing them having love in their life, the partner who adores and loves you for who you are. The socializing, the fun trips to lakes, boating, fishing, traveling, touring, attending marriages, the endless nights, partying, care-not life as couples made me choke, felt like I was trapped under load of unhappiness and no one in the world loves or cares for me. I am all all alone in this big wide world.  But when I checked my collage, I realized once-upon-a-time, I had that life and now I've progressed in my life and reached a more responsible and contented life. The collage shows my marriage life and countless stories, that too with one partner whereas I cannot say same about the people who are in their 20's posing for Facebook as they change every week, every year to different partner, causes can vary from cheating to not-my-type person.

Believe me, my heart - grass always looks greener on the other side. Its like a mirage. Don't believe what you see as it is make-a-believe pictures for show off and temporary attention. What you have is gold. You have nurtured it, went through ups and downs, collected memorable treasures in the form of kids and made a life and you doesn't have to remove or erase a part of life as a partner of that time broke your heart like the way it happens with people who are in their 20's.

So I encourage everyone to keep as many pictures as possible on your walls, showing your life with your partner. It is so important as eyes look for proof, looks for something which pleases your soul and gives you the assurance that you too have love in your life.

So take as many pictures as possible with joy, happiness and fill them with hugs even though you may not be in a mood for that particular joyous occassion. But remember you have to build this treasure of happy pictures for your eyes to give you the satisfaction and assurance that your life is not wasted away.

I don't know why but BOB's "don't let me fall" song is ringing in my ears. Somehow the song might be relevant to my current frame of my mind as my brain always plays right songs at right time.

But it was just a dream
Just a moment ago
I was up so high
Lookin down at the sky
Don’t let me fall
I was shootin for stars
On a Saturday night
They say what goes up
Must come down
But don’t let me fall

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