Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Hidden Beauty - Caddo Lake

Caddo Lake, the mysterious and intriguing Texas treasure, is stretched across the Texas-Louisiana border. Caddo is Texas' only naturally formed lake and covers 26,810 acres of Cypress swamp and has an average depth of 8' 10" with the deepest water averaging about 20 feet. Caddo Lake offers many bayous, channels, waterways and sloughs which delight the fishermen. The state has marked 42 miles of "boat roads" to guide the sportsman through the maze of channels.

Even though the day was chill, the beauty of the place has taken my breath away. Til not, I 've seen only in pictures but to see such a mysterious beauty with your own eyes is such a joy to heart. The quietness of the place makes you relax and make you feel like cuddle your hubby and enjoy life without worrying about anything. The amazing thing is you can go for a boat riding or you can go on canoe in between those American lotus.

Trust me, don't ever hesitate to go this place. It is just awesome!!

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