Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Want It To Happen Badly PERIOD!!!

Right now, my wish is to get any kind of message from him saying that he misses my communication or my friendship or something positive which can make me feel like I am floating high above the clouds with happiness. I just want it even though I am trying my level best and supressing my feelings.

Oh well, if it doesn't happen, I'll just dream about it. I can dream anything I want and nobody can take that away from me. I'll dream the way I want the relationship between us and your rigidity can't take away that.

There are so many people in this world but why do I care for your interaction. Wish we both are alike in our thinking and some reason I strongly believe that's true but what do I know about you. Until this Internet and facebook exists, I can never go far away from you. People keep on meeting new people and forget about old so, why can't I be like that. I truly feel that even though you meet so many your age group, you still remember and miss me but our circumstances won't allow us to be friends. Sometimes I think, when situations are perfect for us to be friends and beyond then maybe would have not like each other these much. Ahh...the brain, with it's intricative way of thinking to screw up and put us in gloomy mood. It doesn't matter what season I am in, I am just hmm..SAD!! Any stupid way of interaction puts a smile on my face and makes my environment bright like as if the world suddenly made itself look vibrant. Why do you have such a hold on me ...argh!!

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