Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Workouts with Deni Preston

Today, I had a good aerobics, strength training and abs workout. Thanks to Deni Preston for her relentless exuberance.

I follow her workout everyday on channel 567 on ATT UVerse, It is good to wake up early and do exercises rather than mid day. I have noticed body moves flexibly in the early morning. But mid day, I sometimes feel like I can't even raise my legs higher, it feels heavy.

Deni Preston is really good. Her friendly conversation, her shout outs lifts your spirits and pushes you to catch up with her. Her class members are my distant friends. You have to watch for her son, Nate. You can sense it, he loves his mother a lot. Even though, he is heavily built and does lot of strength training, for his moms sake, he even does yoga, when in fact, you can see how much he struggles with flexibility. Kudos to him to see that kind of bond between mom and a son!

Aerobics: What can I say? It lifts you up, makes you tired, raises your heart beat and even checks on your memory. Constantly changing  long routines makes you to give a thought of what move comes next and that too your brain needs to give quick suggestion or else, you miss few steps and it will be difficult to catch up with your co-partners. So be on ALERT! Ready to exert yourself!

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