Monday, September 6, 2010

Why Chicago for Reunion?

I had a dream....It was last year, maybe December. I visualized that I was attending a reunion party, wearing a long beautiful overflowing dress in a grand hotel with huge chandliers, bright lights, a party atmosphere ( sounds more like a movie, right?). So that was the reason I thought what can be more perfect than Vegas. 

That time it was crazy to dream and even two months back, it was like I am out of my mind to even think about it that too school friends after 20 years and that too in U.S. 

Coming to U.S., just getting through day to day life, family, kids, new faces, new locality, everything opposite to the past...sometimes I used to feel that was there any past of mine exists..friends, school or college life, any proof of my history and to our misery even Indian streets look so different. So thinking all these made me realize that I am willing to trouble you my friend and ready to travel and go through my past and see all those faces, hear all the school stories and get real feeling of my past existance. So my friend, here I come to CHICAGO on July 31st.   Let the windy city blow wind as much it can and make us still feel that we all exist.

And this led to my reunion in July and that led to my first ever written poem for my friends.

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