Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What can I say?

Morning at 9:13 and afternoon two private calls from him, made me to send this email:

Knock! knock!

Who's there?


Prescription who?

Prescription to make you love yourself!

What's going on? Have you called me  on my cell in your own mysterious way?

During corporate event, my hubby slipped, fell and broke his hand while bowling. He will be on cast for a week until doc decides to go for surgery or not, based on new X-ray pics.  So, he is resting at home. Poor hubby!

What I don't understand is why do guys have to use heavy balls to knock the pins when I can do it with a lighter one?

Something funny, I thought before knocking all the pins down. I can't say that to you as you may say I'm silly. So, I'm shushing myself.

When can I reach that plateau where I can say anything to you and not get worried about upsetting you even if you delay in replying back? I want to be an useful friend, don't want to be for namesake. I want to say freely whatever I want to without being restricted in anyway. I was wrong about we not having good understanding, but we do. Otherwise, how else we could have been here still communicating even after two years. My desire is to have a very good understanding healthy open friendship with you but till now, it didn't happen that way.

The one you said about 'loving yourself' is so true. Actually, well said. I guess that's what might have been my case in '08 but I did not think in that way.

(Ignore the email if you did not call. My mistake!)

--------back to current thoughts-----------
Are you asking me, how do I feel?

Nervous and scared of what I got myself into but as I said if I don't interact, I feel so miserable but I'm scared to speak on the phone. I never did this kind of stuff. I never had "boy" as my friend. Whenever, he contacts me, my mood changes so rapidly that I will start speaking enthusiastically and would involve in every conversation but at the same time scared to death and think of escaping from this situation. God help me! Make me be a good wife and at the same time, a good friend.

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