Friday, September 17, 2010

Is There A Room For Weird Dreams?

Last night, I had a dream. A mix of things happening in my life or the things that I want to happen.

Before I went to bed, I watched "(500) Days Of Summer". Yes, you guessed it right! It's a love story. And I know exactly how it is to be in love and that's what the movie was about.

I strongly feel that everybody should at least once in their life, should fall in love. The feeling is unbelievable and hard to express it in words. You will be in ecstasy. The whole world looks so beautiful, your confidence soars, your mood will be vibrant, you feel like everybody is friendly and acknowledge your existence, you feel and look beautiful and nobody in the world can you put you down, not anybody's anger or any bad are just free of hatdredness. And that's exactly in one instance, they show in this movie. I was like 'yeah, i understand you completely.' I bet the writer of the movie might have experienced the feeling of being in love.

But OMG! once something drastic and opposite happens, you are like suddenly fallen to just the opposite world of being-in-love. Slow death. Whatever I said about being-in-love' watch it rewinding back and at the same time things happening opposite to what you have experienced. So, I say if you want to experience being-in-love then be ready to get your heart crushed.

Back to my dream, sleeping with all these thoughts made me to dream about him. I had a dream about him being my kids school owner and no, not the principal. I was talking to him casually and mentioned to him that "Is this a sign from God, for my kids to study in your school?" and I asked him, you being the owner of the school...why do you use few bad words while expressing your frustration and then he said, " I know lot of bad words, do you want to hear it and then he winked at me.' The talk was so casual like two friends openly talking about different issues. It left me with a feeling of affection and familiar interaction. Even though, it was a dream, it gave me some kind of satisfaction and made me understand, what exactly, I expect from him.

But, in reality, it will never happen because of his secret way of communication. The worst thing is I always have to decipher the secret communication and somehow link it to myself. So, even though interaction happens back and forth secretly, to the outer world and to myself, it doesn't look like it is happening.....

And then my dream shifted to the principal and she was telling how she is not able to find the right teacher even though Government gave a signal to hire. Then I asked her about my son? Are you going to move him to higher grade as he is good at math? How is it right, to make him repeat the same grade in math even though, he scored in 90's?

The dream was a mix of my worlds. WEIRD!! I came out of the dream by walking away from him as I was not able to breathe and even felt the suffocation after coming out of the dream.

According to Dream Interpretation:

What do trapped dreams convey?

1. You are confused about something in life. (Check)
2. You are being cornered by your family or friends or colleagues in a certain circumstance in your life.
3. You may be in conflict with someone or something in your life and he / she is trying to defeat you.(Check)
4. Have you drifted away in your life from something?(Check)
5. It signifies your reaction and your feelings in a particular situation. It could be concerning your marriage, your children and your boss.
6. You may be a conservative or stubborn person trying to get your own way.
7. Some mystics interpret that if you dream of any animal being trapped, it means that you need to be cautious in your future endeavor.
8. If your dream is about you setting a trap for something or someone, then it signifies that you are going to move very cautiously in some of your future endeavor.
9. If you dream of an empty trap, it might denote that there may be some misfortune lurking around the corner for you.
10. A dream about a broken trap signifies that you may face some failure in your business or some sickness in the family. 

What you should do?

Analyze your current situation in life. See the areas where you need to change or reform yourself and your attitude. If you realize that you are trying to hold onto something hard, then try to change your approach towards that particular situation. 

This may make you feel free from the bondage. If you realize that you are in conflict with someone, and then try to resolve that. (Ugh...That's impossible!)

Keep track of all your fears. Try to confront them wisely and meticulously. Be alert of things and people around you so that they are not able to harm you or corner you in any manner.

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