Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Kids School

Yesterday, I went to parents-teachers meeting. My son is in LEAP. It is for gifted and talented kids. The district allows the school to teach two grades higher than their peers who are of same age. Met my son's teacher. She told about her plans and how she will communicate with parents etc, etc. After the meeting, I asked her about my son, what are her plans for him as he is a math prodigy. She said I need to speak with the principal.

When he was in kindergarten itself, the teachers and the principal noticed and told us that they will move him to higher grade for Math class. So, that is how it continued for two years. But yesterday, when I met the principal, I asked her casually about her plans for my son. She says bluntly that she is not going to facilitate that anymore. Its impossible for her to do every year as once he reaches fifth grade, for school to provide higher grade of math is just not possible.

My question is why they did not think about this before. Even though he maintained 100% score the whole last year in Math, how can they allow him to repeat the whole year by following the same curriculum. The worst thing is she was so blunt. Is it because of familiarity with me that she felt she don't have to use the word "Sorry"? I don't know the reason but I felt her way of speaking as manner-less. How can they not inform us through meeting or by a written note unless I asked about it? What should I explain to my kid? It was my fault of not thinking it through when they agreed to send him to higher grade for Math. Lesson learned but even if I asked what's the guarantee that they will abide to what they say and we can't get a written note with a sign. You just trust!!

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