Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Men! What can you say about them?

On Saturday,we had a family get together party organized by hubby's company. We had a good time playing laser tag, cart racing, arcade games and then finally, bowling. Within three rounds, my husband slipped, fell and broke his hand. Now, we are waiting for it to heal by itself under the guidance of an orthopedic.

What I don't show about guys is why do they have to use heavy balls, when can I use a lighter one and Can knock all the pins down. So, why can't guys do the same but oh no..they can't. They have to go the heaviest ball ever to show their talent.

Today, I heard on the radio about how couples fight over household chores. I thought I'm the only one who don't like to clean toilets but to my shock, I heard women don't like to clean toilets that too especially when she have to share the toilet with a guy. That's good. Now, I don't have to feel guilty for not cleaning bathrooms.

Let’s face it: Cleaning up and doing household chores is not usually considered a “good time,” at least not by most of us. The question of who cleans what can start a lot of “behind closed doors” debates.

In fact, housework in general can be a great source of tension, especially for married folks. Yup, it’s true! According to The CLR Chore Wars Report, a national study looking at how opposite sexes clean, men and woman have very different ideas when it comes to sharing household duties. No surprise there! In fact, 69% of women felt they did most of the work around the house, while 53% of the men disagreed, feeling they worked just as hard as the women when it came to cleaning up.

The survey also found that arguing over chores was extremely common; about 1 out of 5 Americans admitted to arguing about housework on a monthly basis.

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