Friday, September 10, 2010

Blogs Of Note

Thanks to CNN on facebook, I came to know about 1000awesomethings blog. This blog was mentioned with many other blogs under "looking for hope and positivity in life".

But then yesterday, I cam across "WaitInTheVan" and "writtenInc". Both recently got attention because of google's BlogsOfNote. Surprised to see that it took almost five to six years to get recognition from google. Both bloggers are much delighted for their sudden popularity which is quite understandable.

If your blog gets the attention:

1. You have to be serious and provide solid useful stuff.
2. You have to sincerely post everyday.
3. In hopes of keeping your fan base steady, you may get deviated from who you are or even from your   thoughts.
4. They always have to look professional in writing, expressing and providing brilliant pictures along with the blog.
5. You can't just post on the spot but have to do proofreading.
6. Blog will become more of a work than a hobby/fun.
7. Pressure builds up.
8. Always you are in look for new material for your next post.

There is so much stuff online to read, it is easy for anybody to just glance and move away to different blog. If you are writing for yourself and not bothered about the attention and the fanfare then your blog has a meaning, a true meaning, a true you. And that's what I want, just to be free. 

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