Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Cute Tooth Box

My daughter's first fallen tooth along with the tooth box which her school gave to keep the tooth safe:

How sweet it son lost at home so he did not get the box. I didn't even know that there is a box like that is available. When my son lost, without telling us, he kept under his pillow to check on whether tooth fairy really exists and will give him something. From that day on, he knows that it is a make-a-believe story made by people.

Quick information about how we lose teeth:

Once he/she does start losing his/her teeth, the pattern will seem like a reverse of how these baby teeth came in. He/She should first lose the bottom two middle teeth, which are called the mandibular central incisors. Next, the top two middle teeth will fall out, followed by his/her canines, first molars, and then second molars. By age eleven to thirteen, the process should be complete and all of his baby teeth will be gone.

The secondary or permanent teeth soon begin erupting as your child loses baby teeth. This process isn't complete until your child gets his third molars or wisdom teeth at age seventeen to twenty two years of age.

I was surprised to notice that the permanent teeth was already there for my daughter before the baby tooth dropped. It was in a budding stage but it was still there but way back. When I noticed for my son, I thought, he is going to get crooked teeth but after a week, once the baby tooth falls off, the permanent tooth starts moving and will become bigger and bigger. That's how, the kids widen their faces and will lose innocent baby faces.

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