Monday, August 16, 2010

Thoughts on my mind..

Yesterday I have seen Sandra Bullock's 'All About Steve' movie. At the end of the movie she says "When you love someone, let them go if they come back, they were always yours but if you have stalk them then they were never yours.'

Made me think, can anybody really love someone unconditionally and everlasting, and remain in gloomy state day after day. Is it not because they are bored? May be they are at this juncture of life where nothing new they found to get excited or thrilled for life? The person in love thinks that because of his/her lover, they are in this state of melancholy. If your life is busy with work, family, will not find to drool on one person and go to depression. The same person will move on with his/her life thinking the above quote and secretly hoping he/she will come back if anything was true. So I am not sure whether we really love someone so deeply to get into miserable state or is it because of their dull life.

The other day when I took my kids for a piano class after a month long break, the piano teacher's dog showed so much affection towards me by wagging its tail and watching me with those big brown eyes and letting me know how much she missed. And that made me we human beings love someone like the way dog does? Can we love someone unconditionally? Can we be that delighted to see unfamiliar person? It makes me want to have a dog but can't at least not now.

At this time my message is whoever are in love and lost, try to find new stuff which puts you back on track with your life cause no one can love anybody forever. It is just a temporary fling. Time will heal everything.

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