Thursday, August 19, 2010

A poem for my mom

Her birthday is on Aug 29th. I planned to send a greeting card and was not emotional at all until I wrote and read this poem to my kids.

I'm blessed with you as my mother 
because you are wind beneath my wings/feathers;

I'm blessed with your affection
because you can't find it in any other direction;

I'm blessed with your striking resemblence
which gives me beautiful appearance;

I'm blessed with your same smile
which makes uncle(mom's brother) be nice with me even from a mile;

Maybe I'm blessed with your intelligence
that's why I can raise my kids with confidence;

May God bless you with superior health
because you are invaluable wealth;

Even though we are far,
raising my kids always makes me to think about you as you are our star;

Be cheerful and happy,
otherwise I'll be sloppy;

Your birthday occasion,
calls us for a celebration;

Have a Happy Birthday mother
because you deserve a day like none other;

I am still emotional... Don't know why? I am sobbing...uncontrollable.

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