Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My first poem ever written.....

Reunion reunion
Yes, we had one memorable union.

Not in Vegas, not in Orlando
But in windy city Chicago.

We were ready with scarves, custom t-shirts and evening dresses
To show each other how we have grown from a girl to misses.

We planned the day with a group portrait, frolicking at the beach, wandering on the streets, cruising on Lake Michigan and watching spectacular fireworks.
But oh the city had some other plans with it's record breaking floods has not taken away our smirks.

We came from east and west
Will not allow the city to test.

Oh, the weather cannot dampen our spirits
We were determined to test our limits.

So, we did not stop ourselves with plane
But traveled on a greyhound bus even on a train.

The hostess drawn out with this endless waiting game
But still deterred to take this pain.

Indulgently cooked from appetizer to dessert
And was on alert.

You name it,
we had it.

Finally, we met trying to figure out who is who
But thanks to facebook we know few.

Did hullabaloo
Without a clue.

Everybody had Idli, dosa, chutney til noon
Savored it upto the last spoon.

We had endless talk about our adventures trip
'cuz no one to zip our lip.

We played some naughty games.
Sorry, I cannot tell you as it will put us in shame.

We exchanged gifts. Some said oooh, some said aaahh..
But no one said nah!

We were ready to devour some yummy lunch
Without a hunch.

Lamb, chicken, fish fry, eggplant and some more vegetarian dishes too.
Had it til we said whew!

Put on our evening dresses to have a girls night out
But damn! the weather put our minds on doubt.

Decided to cut a cake
Commemorating this reunion and having this nice break.

Had a round of kulfi
In a jiffy!

Couldn't stop ourselves with heavy lunch
Got ready for some more to munch.

So, here we go again, made some gobi Manchurian and biryani
Being silly and funny.

We talked and talked til midnight
Going through pictures and untold stories with delight.

Next day woke up and got ready to say goodbye
Still with smiles, knowing that we will sure meet again so no need to cry.

Oh wait! One more person wanted to buzz
After driving miles and miles, couldn't stop herself without meeting us.

Thanks to our hostess and dear friend for making this a memorable one
as we cherish this reunion.


My first poem ever written, unknowingly came out very well.

Friends comments about my poem:


"This is perfect and covers everything....Awesome job:)"


"This is Awesome...You rock lady!"

"it is good ...i like it ,great expression in poetry form.
thanks for making me also a part of it.
i wish u all the best

"after reading ur poem....
I feel like I was there at the event and enjoying it.
great work ...

u have surely shown.. u have grown :)"
"Superb...It was like again traveling on a greyhound bus even on a train...."

"Claps claps...amazing

I would't bundle my brain burps in the same league as her eloquent poem...

Wow gals,
snaps... vidoes... poems!!! keep it coming, I am enjoying every bit of it!

Our friends who missed the party
deserve another chance to 'discover', the very naughty

So we should all plan and meet again
For, I am sure, there is so much more she would do to entertain..."

"Cool! Discovering so many talents"

"Hats Off"

"Thanks to your poem, I feel as if I have been there in person :)

Now I can't wait to meet you all at our next reunion.. .. "

"The write up too good. While reading it, I felt the moments again.

thanks for sharing."

all these days i was trying to get over the fact of having missed such a well planned re-union due to my unplanned sudden India trip, but after reading this i feel, my efforts of getting over the fact just got drained!!

dudely! what on Earth did u eat or drink to get this out of ur system?? well,all i can do is pass on my chumma(kiss) to u for this fantafabulous,totally mind blowing job!!!!"

"Excellent!! We'll make sure you'll attend the next one."

"Every word reminds me the moments we all spent together...
Cant wait to meet you all again"

"I took a print out of this and will save it as a gift from you.....excellent!!
miss u all"

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