Friday, August 13, 2010

Incredible moment only kids can give you...

My son who is 7 year old came to me and said "Mommy, will you give bath to me?" I asked Why? Then he said "Mommy, the shampoo and body wash says "Safety Tip: keep out of children!" I said, "Don't worry, that's okay. That is for kids who are under 3."

He was so parnoid by that label. He came back from the bathroom and pleaded by saying - "at least help me, while I wash my face". Poor fella!! I couldn't stop myself from laughing by his concern about the label.

This one is about my daughter. She was doing her curriculm and in that they asked her to do research and write a draft on any topic she desires. She chose GPS. I told her to copy and paste the important lines from websites related to GPS. She quickly learned the tricks of copying, pasting and alt-tabbing to move next window. Then I instructed her to read the notes in the wordpad and write a draft based on her understanding. She said she can't but I forced her and shut off the laptop but the amazing thing is she knows the way to find her document by going to file-open recent documents. Meanwhile, I was amusing myself thinking that she will ask how and where to search. Little kiddo who is 6, totally amazed me!!

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