Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boost Your Self-Esteem with Meditation

Very interesting article on self-esteem Boost-Your-Self-Esteem-with-Meditation

After reading this article, I came to know why few peoples attitude bothers me so much. Well you guessed it, lack of self-esteem.

On Friday, I attended kids ice cream social party at school. Many parents smiled, waved, asked about my summer but after coming back to home, all I could think was about parents who did not acknowledge my existence. Instead of thinking about people who acknowledged me, I was thinking the other way around. Have to try the meditation. I always doubt on everything. My first question will be does it really happen, Well, go try it and that's my answer.

My mind always plays games with me. I always feel like I have two brains. One says don't do it but the other says go ahead do it, not a big deal. I always end up listening to the one I should not listen. How can I just take 360 degree turn from my other brain. Whenever I think of this, it feels like taking a 360 degree turn on a long truck. The other day, I was cooking for a guest. Planned to make some chicken dish. Carefully followed the recipe but when it came to sprinkling salt, my brain said measure and add it but the other one said just turn the box over and sprinkle it how much ever you desire. Even though I know, the whole dish can go bad because of salt, I listened to my second brain even though the first one saying don't. guessed it right!! All my effort gone to trash, the dish was kind of salty, don't know cause of tomatoes or salt.

This is not first time, I always end of doing like this and regret later.

Cool thing on Oprah's site is you can send your questions to Deepak Chopra. I wonder what will he say if I ask this question about my brain. Let me try. Will let you know if at all he replies...

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