Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bad habit!!

Recently, I am into bad habit of sneaking into others lives by checking for them on Facebook or through google.

I have no clue of why I am showing curiosity on few people who has no way link to me or to my life. Even though I am keeping myself busy with blogs, kids and household activities. I still keep on doing. The worst thing is that the person whom I am following is a tech geek so all my stupid harmless actions will be observed and that will give a bad name to me. I can't stop it!!

Believe me, I am not that kind of person who sneaks into others life but too much socializing on internet by everybody makes me curious to know how others are leading their life. I should be like 'why do I care', but its not the case. I would have been furious if someone follows or sneaks in my life.

That's why self-discipline is so important in life, but how do you make that as a part of your character. God help me!! Don't make me get bad name for myself!! Please!!

Busy! Busy!! Busyyyy! I have to keep myself busy. Going to join Art class from this coming Saturday.

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