Friday, August 20, 2010

About Awesome Things In The World

I follow 1000 awesome things blog. The one I felt awesome is secretly you wish something to happen the way you want it to happen and you have no control on the situation but it just happens the way you thought. That's the awesome-st thing ever. You thank God and you feel happy for yourself and want to shout out but then you doubt yourself and say may be not that a big deal.

The other awesome thing is when someone in an instant agrees to your suggestion and pass it on to everyone your brilliant idea. That is in heaven. It make you feel like you are cool.

I wonder while reading the blog...if so many awesome things are there then sometimes why do we feel so low. Why can't we pick at least one awesome thing from the list and make it our moment.

One thing for sure I understood, money got nothing to do with happiness. Everything depends on our brain. I personally experienced. Sometimes the minute things makes me so happy and instantly my sorrows disappear and the world looks better place to live. But when you are in emotional wreck, nothing can cheer you up, the same world looks empty and hollow.

The whole world talks about friendship so much. Yes, I feel its a big deal to really have someone close but to find someone like that is so difficult. And even if have, at the end, your problems are yours. All depends on you and your attitude. No friend can cheer you up when your thinking or attitude is not right but at least they can take you to some other world for at least up to certain time. We have to keep ourselves busy busy...til you stop thinking. That's a good medicine.

Anyway I need to go and teach my daughter to practice her piano lessons. I have to sit patiently and sing along for the metronome beats or else she will lose her interest. She is still 6!

Bye bloggie. Will come again with my endless thoughts.

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