Friday, August 27, 2010

About 1000AwesomeThings Blog

I do read everyday as it comes directly to my inbox through RSS feed. Sometimes I just read and sometimes I give it a thought and visualize about the topic.

I surprise myself when I search for a subscriber Laura's comments. She is the one with great devotion, comments and gives the article a life with her spontaneous enthusiasm and her self-centered thoughts. I bet one day the author of the blog gets attached to her and will create a bond with her unknowingly and will miss her if ever for one day she won't comment. There it goes, a new bond, a new love...just in a budding stage but that's how it starts.

I love watching new bonds forming. It gives you a hope that nobody is alone. You just need to stretch and spread your hands otherwise you will never know but someone for sure is there on the other side to touch and hold you. O ooh!...I am so romantic!

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