Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nice of BigPopper

When we went to Branson, MO to celebrate our daughter's birthday, we had a chance to go to this unusual popcorn shop at BransonLanding. During the time we visited, they had a contest of guessing how many popcornS are there in a jar. My son is a math lover so even after a month, he was still curious to know about the results so he sent an email to the BigPopper..

I am 7-year old boy. I visited your place in Branson. I participated in the
contest which is about guessing how many popcorns are in a jar. Could you
please let me know how many were there? I am so curious to know the answer
to see who was right in my family. Please please caramel dipped please!!

Amazingly, we got a reply from the Vice President...

Thanks for contacting The Big Popper.  I will let you know after the Labor
Day weekend since we have a weekly drawing and don't change the number of
kernels from week to week.  If you tell me what your guess was I can let you
know if you or any of your family members are close.

We appreciate you and your family coming into The Big Popper and hope to see
you again soon.

Best Regards,

Craig Reimers
Vice President, Operations

then my son sent a reply about our guess. And then the Vice President replied back...

Believe it or not, there are over 900 pieces of popcorn in that jar.  The jar size doesn’t appear to be as big as it really is.  Because you have had such an interest in the contest, please send me your mailing address and I will send you a one gallon tin of caramel popcorn at no cost to you.  Again, we appreciate you and your family coming into The Big Popper and make sure you check out our web site where you can order all of our delicious flavors and have them sent right to your door or send them to family and friends as gifts.
Best Regards,
Craig Reimers
Vice President, Operations

That's pretty gracious of him. Wish them best of luck with their business. I say Thumbs Up for their popcorn. They have so much variety and all are mouth watering too!

Moved by my poem

Today I wished my mom on her birthday. Luckily, my card reached one day before. My poem made my mom cry. It even made me cry. My mom is unique, a very devoted person to her kids. She has immersed herself for so many years of her life, only to us. Not much support from my dad but still able to take care of us from financial expensiveness to home luxuriness. Like everybody she also got faults but her love is unmatched to anybody on this planet. She is a fine example of unselfishness. Bless her heart!! Love you Mom!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Love yourself before loving someone

This was the response for my blog post Dear-someone

"I was told that you have to love yourself before loving someone else but sometimes the love of another allows you to learn to love yourself."

Well said, I even felt it when it happened with me. But how is it applicable to my post. Is it good or bad? Cynicism in me says my stupidity of replying to you is making you love yourselves as it is a classic scenario of laugh-out-loud or you never felt any love for me before as you did not love yourself until I poured my affection over you.

My head is breaking, so stop!! just let it go. Don't think too much!!

Why is it so important to have friends?

This question is killing me. I never gave that much thought to it when I was growing up. I have three siblings and never felt I'll miss out if I don't create a bond with anybody outside the house.

Now a days, all I hear is about having friends is so important. I do understand but 'not having friends' topic is freaking me out. I had college friends but I never really kept in touch with them once I got married. Now, I just don't know how to act friendly with some unknown person and start conversation about my life. How and when do we get to a point where we can designate a role of friendship to them. Even my husband feels the pressure of not having close friends so he enforces on my kids to be social, to talk with everybody.

But I want my kids to be strong and not bother about this as eventually some will like you and some won't and your heart will be broken for this non-trivial issues.

The other day when my son was coming on the school bus, nobody sat with him. The kid who was supposed to sit with him, chose to sit with someone else. And that's it we both started with our adult brains preaching and making him think like adults crooked and view everything suspicious. Ugh..I hate when parents influence kids brain. Next day the same boy came to my son and said lets sit together everyday on the bus. There it resolved. Now, my daughter's friend decided to sit with someone else and the other girl said she want to sit alone so my daughter sat alone without anybody. My husband started lecturing her about socializing and making new friends. I said to her, if someone sits next to you, you be nice and talk or else just read some book and be yourself and don't bother yourself of who ditched you and who not.

I just don't know what is right and what is wrong. How to make my kids have these so called BFF's when I myself don't know how to have at least one? I do speak with my sister everyday. We share everything from laughs to sadness. That kind of bond formed because I know her from birth. I can talk anything from my family topics to gossips. Its hard to do with anybody else. So can sister be my BFF? I really don't know how to create that special bond with someone outside my family.

Once somehow I got attached to a guy and I wanted him badly to be my friend as he can't be anything else other than a friend but because he is a opposite sex, it became too complicated. And the other time my daughter's classmates mom tried her level best to be my friend, I got suspicious over her and her motives as she wanted to speak on phone everyday that too anytime, anywhere and of course more  than 45-minutes conversation. I am not much of a phone person. At first I did not know how to end the conversation and still I don't know so I stopped answering her phone but used to respond through emails or texts. Once I did not answer her on home phone or cell phone or to her text so she frantically even sent a message on my facebook too. I just did not understand why someone will be so bothered about me and my health and my situation. The one thing that bothered about her is if I take one step, she competitively used to take two steps more. She used to copy my every move. I just did not like her much. So anyway some misunderstanding came and we broke up. So my question is did I lose a friend who possibly could have been my BFF? She talks with me but not like the way it was before.

There was a quiz of Oprah about what kind of friend you are. How can I take part in quiz when I really don't have friends. Another article about how every mom should have a friend, 6-Friends-Every-Mom-Needs-in-Her-Momtourag

Will someone tell how it all starts to label someone as a friend?

About 1000AwesomeThings Blog

I do read everyday as it comes directly to my inbox through RSS feed. Sometimes I just read and sometimes I give it a thought and visualize about the topic.

I surprise myself when I search for a subscriber Laura's comments. She is the one with great devotion, comments and gives the article a life with her spontaneous enthusiasm and her self-centered thoughts. I bet one day the author of the blog gets attached to her and will create a bond with her unknowingly and will miss her if ever for one day she won't comment. There it goes, a new bond, a new love...just in a budding stage but that's how it starts.

I love watching new bonds forming. It gives you a hope that nobody is alone. You just need to stretch and spread your hands otherwise you will never know but someone for sure is there on the other side to touch and hold you. O ooh!...I am so romantic!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boost Your Self-Esteem with Meditation

Very interesting article on self-esteem Boost-Your-Self-Esteem-with-Meditation

After reading this article, I came to know why few peoples attitude bothers me so much. Well you guessed it, lack of self-esteem.

On Friday, I attended kids ice cream social party at school. Many parents smiled, waved, asked about my summer but after coming back to home, all I could think was about parents who did not acknowledge my existence. Instead of thinking about people who acknowledged me, I was thinking the other way around. Have to try the meditation. I always doubt on everything. My first question will be does it really happen, Well, go try it and that's my answer.

My mind always plays games with me. I always feel like I have two brains. One says don't do it but the other says go ahead do it, not a big deal. I always end up listening to the one I should not listen. How can I just take 360 degree turn from my other brain. Whenever I think of this, it feels like taking a 360 degree turn on a long truck. The other day, I was cooking for a guest. Planned to make some chicken dish. Carefully followed the recipe but when it came to sprinkling salt, my brain said measure and add it but the other one said just turn the box over and sprinkle it how much ever you desire. Even though I know, the whole dish can go bad because of salt, I listened to my second brain even though the first one saying don't. guessed it right!! All my effort gone to trash, the dish was kind of salty, don't know cause of tomatoes or salt.

This is not first time, I always end of doing like this and regret later.

Cool thing on Oprah's site is you can send your questions to Deepak Chopra. I wonder what will he say if I ask this question about my brain. Let me try. Will let you know if at all he replies...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dealing with youngsters

It gives me a headache to always check on online slang.

What are these phrases mean...I am up, Hit me up, gimme a shout...talking with youngsters means use Google search or else you will be clueless.  Why can't they talk in normal language?

Refer to Dictionary not ordinary one but for online slang. That's the world we are in.

As if CNN is following my blog...on August 26th, they featured this article Teen Language

That's exactly what I was talking. Oooh! so creative. I bet it takes them for a while to learn the code. But parents beware, don't think that your learning days are over. It actually not. Outsmart your kids by learning everyday something new on the internet.

Dear someone

Dear ,

I feel like I am watching "Dear John" movie. Anyway...

Dear ,

If you believe something strong and your belief comes true that's one among many awesome things in life. One more quote I followed and it made sense and that is "If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. If it doesn't, then it was never meant to be." and "if you have to stalk then it was never yours to begin with."(from 'All about Steve')

Caution: You are entering Outlandish(if or if not) comment zone!!

 I am flabbergasted by seeing some kind of mysterious action taken by you based on my messages. If you did take any action to prove that you accepted my friendship offer, I have no words to express my gratitude for coming back. It means so much to me because it gave meaning to me and to my belief on you (which of course I created all by myself).

I couldn't react sooner because of your statement "You continue to act as if it is directed towards you when they are irrelevant to you." Now also, I am not sure to interact but it's my responsibility to acknowledge at least by email though its doubtful whether it will reach you or not. Why email because if you did something to interact with me, you will definitely keep all doors open in anticipation. And that's my belief. As you said I don't know who you are and you are right so I can't comment about your perplex way of communication if at all you did. For now, I take the satisfaction of you reciprocating and delighted that my belief on something was not wasted but in turn it is stronger and has deeper meaning to it.

A real tear-jerking moment to send an email about acknowledgment when I have no proof. I know I should not be complaining but I don't like to be in this situation where I have to understand your secretive way of communication and acknowledge and then later to be told that its ridiculous and immature.

From now on, I will not direct or give you a hint on how to interact. You do or don't do, its all up to you. I don't know if I mean anything to you or not but thank you so much for respecting and reciprocating (of course it all depends if at all you did). What ever happened in March was good. It helped me to get back on track. I was lost for a long long time. I forgot about pride, decency, self-discipline and maybe much much more. And its all because of my strong belief in what I saw and I chased for proof. I don't know what hit me. I am happy to be back on track and be myself. Because of you I bought a song 'In the end' by Linkin Park on ipod. It helped me to be strong and to understand that some things happen in your life whether you like it or not. By the way, I saw Ninjas grill on I-30 on my way to Arkansas. It put a smile on my face but of course quickly faded away too. So hmmm..that's where you go for duck hunting..huh? OMG!! "Every breath you take" by Sting is playing in my head. STOP!! Some of your mysteriousness put smile on my face but slowly after few months, I started becoming numb. Don't know why? I guess may be I was tired of long endless journey of reaching nowhere.

If you have ignored and did not react to my messages that too is fine with me then it shows that we don't deserve each others affection. So be it. No regrets. Because of you, I understood many things and I know for sure it will help in future to preach someone ;-) So I will still say "Thank you" and sorry for making you tired. I didn't mean to but it just happened for better or for worse.

I hope you had a fun-filled summer. Best of luck with your studies/work/life.

If you have understood me, you would have kept me unblocked. Anyway I liberated myself from expectations!! I did what I am supposed to and the rest it doesn't matter.
Your maybe/may not be friend

Friday, August 20, 2010

About Awesome Things In The World

I follow 1000 awesome things blog. The one I felt awesome is secretly you wish something to happen the way you want it to happen and you have no control on the situation but it just happens the way you thought. That's the awesome-st thing ever. You thank God and you feel happy for yourself and want to shout out but then you doubt yourself and say may be not that a big deal.

The other awesome thing is when someone in an instant agrees to your suggestion and pass it on to everyone your brilliant idea. That is in heaven. It make you feel like you are cool.

I wonder while reading the blog...if so many awesome things are there then sometimes why do we feel so low. Why can't we pick at least one awesome thing from the list and make it our moment.

One thing for sure I understood, money got nothing to do with happiness. Everything depends on our brain. I personally experienced. Sometimes the minute things makes me so happy and instantly my sorrows disappear and the world looks better place to live. But when you are in emotional wreck, nothing can cheer you up, the same world looks empty and hollow.

The whole world talks about friendship so much. Yes, I feel its a big deal to really have someone close but to find someone like that is so difficult. And even if have, at the end, your problems are yours. All depends on you and your attitude. No friend can cheer you up when your thinking or attitude is not right but at least they can take you to some other world for at least up to certain time. We have to keep ourselves busy busy...til you stop thinking. That's a good medicine.

Anyway I need to go and teach my daughter to practice her piano lessons. I have to sit patiently and sing along for the metronome beats or else she will lose her interest. She is still 6!

Bye bloggie. Will come again with my endless thoughts.

Felt like totally realistic

Yesterday, I had this unbelievable dream of myself flying in the air. First, it appeared like I was hovering around the tall trees. Then , I was talking to myself in my dream and saying 'it is so boring' and then suddenly I was zooming away maybe at least 10 mph because the objects under me were moving fast. Suddenly my heart was thumping. I was nervous of where I am going to land. I was going high above a busy street. It looked like a Google map. The feeling was almost like going on a roller coaster. I was approaching an amusement park entrance and after that I don't know what happened.I think I landed. Of course otherwise I will not be here. Hehehe...

My question is why do I get bizarre dreams like flying. What does it indicate?

That lead me to Psychological Analysis Of Dreams-about-flying

My flying style was:

Pin Style: In the pin style of dream flight, the dreamer maintains a vertical body position, with the arms by the side and legs straight out. Although this is usually the style of flying that enables the dreamer to travel to the greatest height, the limitation is control and guidance. The dreamer is likely to fly so high that it evokes fear.

Interpretation of my dream according to Dreammoods 

If you are feeling fear when you are flying or that you feel that you are flying too high, then it suggests that you are afraid of challenges and of success.

Hmmm...what can I say?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A poem for my mom

Her birthday is on Aug 29th. I planned to send a greeting card and was not emotional at all until I wrote and read this poem to my kids.

I'm blessed with you as my mother 
because you are wind beneath my wings/feathers;

I'm blessed with your affection
because you can't find it in any other direction;

I'm blessed with your striking resemblence
which gives me beautiful appearance;

I'm blessed with your same smile
which makes uncle(mom's brother) be nice with me even from a mile;

Maybe I'm blessed with your intelligence
that's why I can raise my kids with confidence;

May God bless you with superior health
because you are invaluable wealth;

Even though we are far,
raising my kids always makes me to think about you as you are our star;

Be cheerful and happy,
otherwise I'll be sloppy;

Your birthday occasion,
calls us for a celebration;

Have a Happy Birthday mother
because you deserve a day like none other;

I am still emotional... Don't know why? I am sobbing...uncontrollable.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Impressed By PTA

This will be my first year to be on the PTA board. I will be taking care of my kids elementary school PTA website. Being on the board, I had the privilege to participate and hear the boards discussions on different topics to make the school better.

PTA even takes care of rewarding the teachers with monetary gifts. We had a discussion about spirit wears, kids nutrition, field trips, school programs, parent education programs, how to reduce expenses, how to raise funds. We have like 34 positions on the board. Even with kids and full time jobs, still inclined to take responsibility and work hard to make the school better and hold the exemplary record. So hats off to parents!!

Sensible Kids!!

The other day I heard a promo on a radio channel which said to call the station whenever we hear the song of the day and in that way you can win 1k if your are the 10th caller.

My kids discussed about what to do with $1000. My 6 year old said "Brother, that's a lot of money, we can save it for Harvard." and her brother said "Mommy, our dream is going to become reality as we are dreaming together." He was referring to the quote from John Lennon - A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.

So my kids all got excited and woke up to an alarm to hear the song of the day which they announced as promised, not at 7:20 A.M. but at 7:30 A.M.

And The Song Of The Day is going to be 'You give love a bad name' by Bon Jovi. As promised they played the song at 11th hour but to our surprise, we just couldn't get the line. It was so busy. They don't make it easy, do they...disappointed but will try tomorrow too. At least figured out not to hold and be on the line when it is engaged. Silly me!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

My Virtuoso Son Playing From Hanon Excercise Book

On Thursday Aug 12th, my son played a piece from Hanon's The Virtuoso Pianist in 60 exercises. The teacher was impressed with his hand movement and his playing style. She even called her husband to look at his skill level as he is only 7 year old.

Wish I could attach the audio file. I am still in search of where to upload to link the audio file.

For now I found this solution. So Enjoy!!

Thoughts on my mind..

Yesterday I have seen Sandra Bullock's 'All About Steve' movie. At the end of the movie she says "When you love someone, let them go if they come back, they were always yours but if you have stalk them then they were never yours.'

Made me think, can anybody really love someone unconditionally and everlasting, and remain in gloomy state day after day. Is it not because they are bored? May be they are at this juncture of life where nothing new they found to get excited or thrilled for life? The person in love thinks that because of his/her lover, they are in this state of melancholy. If your life is busy with work, family, will not find to drool on one person and go to depression. The same person will move on with his/her life thinking the above quote and secretly hoping he/she will come back if anything was true. So I am not sure whether we really love someone so deeply to get into miserable state or is it because of their dull life.

The other day when I took my kids for a piano class after a month long break, the piano teacher's dog showed so much affection towards me by wagging its tail and watching me with those big brown eyes and letting me know how much she missed. And that made me we human beings love someone like the way dog does? Can we love someone unconditionally? Can we be that delighted to see unfamiliar person? It makes me want to have a dog but can't at least not now.

At this time my message is whoever are in love and lost, try to find new stuff which puts you back on track with your life cause no one can love anybody forever. It is just a temporary fling. Time will heal everything.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yummy Corn

This is how I make corn at home on the stove. Once it is done, you
brush it with lemon juice and sprinkle salt. tastes yum!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nightmare About Back-To-School Day!!

I had a dream last night about first day school. I did not get them ready, already an hour late and homework not been done. I was questioning myself what kind of patent am I, why didn't I instruct her to get her homework done and my husband was telling, let them stay at home for today as we are all in vacation mood.

All this because in the evening, we got a letter from mt daughter's teacher about what to get on first day of school and gave a homework to draw and write about how summer was fun.

Silly dream warning me to be ready!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Incredible moment only kids can give you...

My son who is 7 year old came to me and said "Mommy, will you give bath to me?" I asked Why? Then he said "Mommy, the shampoo and body wash says "Safety Tip: keep out of children!" I said, "Don't worry, that's okay. That is for kids who are under 3."

He was so parnoid by that label. He came back from the bathroom and pleaded by saying - "at least help me, while I wash my face". Poor fella!! I couldn't stop myself from laughing by his concern about the label.

This one is about my daughter. She was doing her curriculm and in that they asked her to do research and write a draft on any topic she desires. She chose GPS. I told her to copy and paste the important lines from websites related to GPS. She quickly learned the tricks of copying, pasting and alt-tabbing to move next window. Then I instructed her to read the notes in the wordpad and write a draft based on her understanding. She said she can't but I forced her and shut off the laptop but the amazing thing is she knows the way to find her document by going to file-open recent documents. Meanwhile, I was amusing myself thinking that she will ask how and where to search. Little kiddo who is 6, totally amazed me!!

Quite disturbed by what I heard...

I heard from my husband that when his colleague's kid, a boy who was running behind a girl in the park, the girl's dad came out from wherever he has and said "these f***ing people are everywhere."

Those who think in that way my only answer is American Indians might have felt the same. History repeats!! This is not one race land but it belongs to all of kinds of race. That's what make this country unique and beautiful. With that kind of language and thoughts, you are the should **** off to nowhere's land.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Make-You-A-Better-You Quotes from Oprah's Book "Words That Matter"

These is my collection of inspirational quotes which I liked from Oprah's book. As Oprah said read them, savor them, share them and whenever you need a pick-me-up or a bolt of inspiration, return to them.

We become what we think about all day long - Ralph Waldo

There is no discovery without risk- and what you risk reveals what you value. - British Novelist Jeanette Winterson

Excellence is the beat deterrent to racism and sexism, so be excellent. - Jesse Jackson

Blessed is he who expects nothing, for shall he never be disappointed. - Alexander Pope

Fortune helps those who dare - Virgil, poet

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last you create what you will - George Bernard Shaw, playwright

No matter where you stand right now - you need to give yourself the best you have to offer in this moment. This is it. Rather than depleting about the past, redirect that energy toward the next big push--the one that takes you from enough to better, adequate to extraordinary, the one that helps you rise up from a low moment and reach for your personal best. - Oprah

One of life's greatest risks is never daring to risk. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire - Oprah

Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion - Georg Hegel, Philosopher

Try more things. You should be cooking on all four burners - Breena Clarke, Novelist

Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it's a thing to achieved. - William Bryan, Politician

There are no secrets to success. It is a result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. - Colin Powell

I think people who lack self-esteem lack it because they haven't taken enough risks and haven't succeeded enough. Nobody can talk you into feeling good about yourself-you get the solid good feelings from success. - David K. Reynolds

We've got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant...You've got to keep watering it. You've got to really look after it and nurture it. - John Lennon

If you want to capture people's attention, put your own attention on something that has nothing to do with them. The more you get lost in what you're doing, the more interesting you'll become. - Martha Beck, Life Coach

I think romantic love is one of the great change agents. We come to know ourselves in a different way when we fall in love, and whatever happens to that relationship, we are changed. We know something we didn't know before. We discover capacities that we didn't know we had - Ethel Person, Psychoanalyst

If you are in love...that's about the best thing that can happen to anyone. Don't let anyone make it small or light to you. - John Steinbeck, Author

The key to unlocking your confidence is to check your self-perception. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder--and youo have to see yourself as beautiful before you can expect anyone else to. - Phil McGraw

You teach people how to treat you - Phil McGraw

For some reason, society does have the preconceived notion that in order to be a whole individual, we have to be half of a couple. Nothing could be further from the truth...if you have a life rich with friends, family, and career, you're blessed well beyond millions of people who are married and miserable. - Phil McGraw

The pleasure of love is in loving - Francois, Writer

We are most alive when we are in love - John Updike, Author

The first duty of love is to listen - Paul Tillich, Philosopher

Passion is the quickest to develop, and the quickest to fade. Intimacy develops more slowly, and commitment more gradually still. - Robert Sternberg, Psychologist

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. - Mignon, Journalist

Love cannot survive if you just give it scraps of yourself, scraps of your time, scraps of your thoughts. - Mary O'Hara, Singer

The definition of a friend is someone who's coming in the door when everybody else is going out. - Phil McGraw

While pointing out a mistake, bring up the good things the other person has done. If you do that, then the person sees that you have a complete picture of him. There is nothing more dangerous than one who has been humiliated, even when you humiliated him rightly. - Nelson Mandela

Great communication begins with connection. What makes us different from one another is so much less important than what makes us alike--we all long for acceptance and significance. - Oprah

The best cure for worry, depression, melancholy, brooding is to go deliberately forth and try to lift with one's sympathy the gloom of someone else. - Arnold Bennett, Author

Hospitality is supposedly something we do for others, but whenever I have guests, I feel like I'm reaping the benefits. Hospitality involves sharing an intimate, private space--your home--and letting someone in shows trust. It shows that we're committed to lasting relationships with our friends, not just quick coffees when it's convenient. Lauren Winner, Author

Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. - Marcel Proust, Novelist

Feeling grateful to or appreciative of someone or something actually attracts more of the things that you appreciate and value in your life. - Christiane Northrup, Doctor

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be - Abraham Lincoln

Life is an energy exchange of giving and receiving and the way to have what you want is to give what you need. - Oprah

Making others laugh makes you laugh, because it's a selfish and generous action, both at the same time...when we make others laugh, it's exhilarating. It means some one was actually listening to us. Laughter also releases endorphins that ease pain, heartache or sadness. What a gift - Bonnie Hunt, Actress

Music enters our bodies, commandeering the pulse in our veins and reminds is that pleasure isn't a matter of feeling good but of feeling more alive. - Holly Brubach, Journalist

Most of us are brought up to think the key to happiness lies outside ourselves. We look for falling in love, having a family, making a career or building a dream house and we expect that these levels of accomplishment will be enough. But ofter we find that when one level of need is satisfied, another takes its place. - Mark Epstein, Psychiatrist

Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed. - Storm Jameson, Writer

Real joy comes not from ease or riches or from the praise of men, but from doing something worthwhile. - Sir Wilfred Grenfell, Missionary

The clothes which you wear should make you feel alive. They have to live with you and move with you. That's the key to elegance: not just wearing beautiful things, but making what you're wearing come alive. - Oprah

It makes no difference how many peaks you reach if there is no pleasure in the climb. - Oprah

If you want your life to be more rewarding, you have to change the way you think. - Oprah

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me, unless of course if I decide to let them. - Lisa Kogan

The more time you can give to the things you truly care about. the more satisfying your life will feel. - Connie Hatch, Author

Please don't make your career your life. Let it be your passion, let it bring pleasure, but don't let it become your identity. You are so much valuable that that. - Celine Dion

Faith can give us the courage to face the uncertainties of the future. - MLK

What you believe has more power than what you dream or wish or hope for. You become what you believe. - Oprah

You cannot control the world outside, but you can choose what you will bring into yourself. If you do not see anything of value in life, begin by finding one thing of beauty every day until it becomes a habit. - Ron Rathbun, Meditation Teacher

The person who has lived the most is not the one with the most years but the one with the richest experiences. - Jean Rousseau, Philosopher

Bad habit!!

Recently, I am into bad habit of sneaking into others lives by checking for them on Facebook or through google.

I have no clue of why I am showing curiosity on few people who has no way link to me or to my life. Even though I am keeping myself busy with blogs, kids and household activities. I still keep on doing. The worst thing is that the person whom I am following is a tech geek so all my stupid harmless actions will be observed and that will give a bad name to me. I can't stop it!!

Believe me, I am not that kind of person who sneaks into others life but too much socializing on internet by everybody makes me curious to know how others are leading their life. I should be like 'why do I care', but its not the case. I would have been furious if someone follows or sneaks in my life.

That's why self-discipline is so important in life, but how do you make that as a part of your character. God help me!! Don't make me get bad name for myself!! Please!!

Busy! Busy!! Busyyyy! I have to keep myself busy. Going to join Art class from this coming Saturday.

Guility feeling if you skip your daily exercise...

I was so tired and felt muscles aching so skipped my routine exercises for two days. I know the main reason for being lethargic is lack of sleep. But yesterday for some reason had a very good sound sleep with out any dreams. Good sleep led to good aerobic exercise with my personal trainer Deni Preston who will train me from Channel 567 BYU. Hahahaaaa...

Feeling tired and still trying to recover from out of breath but its good that by 10 am, I done with exercise. Waiting to have breakfast as usual Honey bunches of oats. I am so addicted to it, without having that for breakfast won't even feel like I had breakfast. I like multi-grain bread from Kroger with olive oil and pepper. Mmmm...yum! yum! but still can't beat Honey bunches of oats.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


After posting on "dreams" topic, I was astonished to see my 'A Memorable Trip' post missing. But to my surprise even though I was disappointed, I showed resilience. From my life's past disappointments, I accepted that sometimes things will not be in our control and we just have to let it go. While writing for this post and not being able to finish my thoughts, I saved it as a draft. When I came back to continue, I found  'A Memorable Trip' post under drafts so no wonder, it did not show up in my blog preview. Hooray!!! Woo-hoo!! Saved myself from few wrinkles and tears ;-) Made me to change this post's title.

Dreams that make you wakeup

Last night, I did not have sound sleep. My brain was keep on working. It even found a way or made me understand a certain statement which happened six months ago. I was like why didn't I think this way, why did it take so long to think this way...and there goes away my happens so many times with me. I always find solutions in my sleep. Sometimes in the morning, I feel fresh with vibrant thoughts. Sometimes I visualize mood dampening thoughts but after waking up and seeing the morning brightness, i feel my world is not that bad.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kids had fun in kids workshop @Homedepot

Thanks to linking to Homedepot's facebook, I was able to know about kids workshop. Kids had fun working with real tools and making school bus pencil case, even though, they did not provide paint and extra supplies to decorate.

Friday, August 6, 2010

If you love someone....

If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours; if they don't they never were.

It is so true. I believe in this quote. Cause the person who loves you cannot live without coming back. The video you will see shows it so perfectly.

If your love is true, it never goes waste...

I experienced somewhat like this and I know he contacted me but in a mysterious way but I want him to contact me in a straightforward manner so I am still waiting and still trust that the person who is on my mind will come back. It is an emotional attachment to someone on whom I believe in. Any mysterious thing happens, I feel like its him.

While watching this video, I was like please please...let the lion recognize them. After seeing this video, I was so emotional and felt like true love never fails and that we can never get over or forget that person once we love them unconditionally.

I came across while reading a book for my kids. An Unbelievable true friendship story between an elephant and a dog in Tennessee.

It makes you question how can it be possible to have that much attachment and love for someone...

After going through these kind of stories, I don't feel odd if I developed an attachment over someone. It is possible and it happens for real.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My first poem ever written.....

Reunion reunion
Yes, we had one memorable union.

Not in Vegas, not in Orlando
But in windy city Chicago.

We were ready with scarves, custom t-shirts and evening dresses
To show each other how we have grown from a girl to misses.

We planned the day with a group portrait, frolicking at the beach, wandering on the streets, cruising on Lake Michigan and watching spectacular fireworks.
But oh the city had some other plans with it's record breaking floods has not taken away our smirks.

We came from east and west
Will not allow the city to test.

Oh, the weather cannot dampen our spirits
We were determined to test our limits.

So, we did not stop ourselves with plane
But traveled on a greyhound bus even on a train.

The hostess drawn out with this endless waiting game
But still deterred to take this pain.

Indulgently cooked from appetizer to dessert
And was on alert.

You name it,
we had it.

Finally, we met trying to figure out who is who
But thanks to facebook we know few.

Did hullabaloo
Without a clue.

Everybody had Idli, dosa, chutney til noon
Savored it upto the last spoon.

We had endless talk about our adventures trip
'cuz no one to zip our lip.

We played some naughty games.
Sorry, I cannot tell you as it will put us in shame.

We exchanged gifts. Some said oooh, some said aaahh..
But no one said nah!

We were ready to devour some yummy lunch
Without a hunch.

Lamb, chicken, fish fry, eggplant and some more vegetarian dishes too.
Had it til we said whew!

Put on our evening dresses to have a girls night out
But damn! the weather put our minds on doubt.

Decided to cut a cake
Commemorating this reunion and having this nice break.

Had a round of kulfi
In a jiffy!

Couldn't stop ourselves with heavy lunch
Got ready for some more to munch.

So, here we go again, made some gobi Manchurian and biryani
Being silly and funny.

We talked and talked til midnight
Going through pictures and untold stories with delight.

Next day woke up and got ready to say goodbye
Still with smiles, knowing that we will sure meet again so no need to cry.

Oh wait! One more person wanted to buzz
After driving miles and miles, couldn't stop herself without meeting us.

Thanks to our hostess and dear friend for making this a memorable one
as we cherish this reunion.


My first poem ever written, unknowingly came out very well.

Friends comments about my poem:


"This is perfect and covers everything....Awesome job:)"


"This is Awesome...You rock lady!"

"it is good ...i like it ,great expression in poetry form.
thanks for making me also a part of it.
i wish u all the best

"after reading ur poem....
I feel like I was there at the event and enjoying it.
great work ...

u have surely shown.. u have grown :)"
"Superb...It was like again traveling on a greyhound bus even on a train...."

"Claps claps...amazing

I would't bundle my brain burps in the same league as her eloquent poem...

Wow gals,
snaps... vidoes... poems!!! keep it coming, I am enjoying every bit of it!

Our friends who missed the party
deserve another chance to 'discover', the very naughty

So we should all plan and meet again
For, I am sure, there is so much more she would do to entertain..."

"Cool! Discovering so many talents"

"Hats Off"

"Thanks to your poem, I feel as if I have been there in person :)

Now I can't wait to meet you all at our next reunion.. .. "

"The write up too good. While reading it, I felt the moments again.

thanks for sharing."

all these days i was trying to get over the fact of having missed such a well planned re-union due to my unplanned sudden India trip, but after reading this i feel, my efforts of getting over the fact just got drained!!

dudely! what on Earth did u eat or drink to get this out of ur system?? well,all i can do is pass on my chumma(kiss) to u for this fantafabulous,totally mind blowing job!!!!"

"Excellent!! We'll make sure you'll attend the next one."

"Every word reminds me the moments we all spent together...
Cant wait to meet you all again"

"I took a print out of this and will save it as a gift from you.....excellent!!
miss u all"

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Memorable Road Trip

If I may say so it was a picture perfect vacation. My main concern was about me having woman's monthly cycle but fortunately God's grace it got over before my vacation started.

Day 1:

Started early morning at 6:30 from home to Arkansas Hot Springs.

Borrowed some books from Library so kids were busy reading on our way to Arkansas. Within an hour my hubby got caught by a cop for speeding. He did not expect but I guess it was good to happen so early as it will restrain him from speeding after all we are doing a five states trip.

The scenic beauty of The Natural State is so appealing to eyes especially when you drive. You see greenery everywhere on wither side of the roads.

 Arkansas is bounded on the north by Missouri; on the east by the Mississippi River, which separates it from Mississippi and Tennessee; on the south by Louisiana; and on the west by the plains of Oklahoma and Texas.

On our way to Hot Springs,1931 Ford car:

Our cars reflection:

Hot Springs National Park is located in the middle of a series of mountains called the Zig-Zag Mountains. Few pics from Hot Springs National Park:

This 216-foot superstructure affords a breathtaking panorama-encompassing 140 miles- of beautiful Hot Springs, the Ouachita Mountains and the surrounding Diamond Lakes area. It's a great way to start off or end a day of sightseeing in beautiful Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas.

One funny thing happened with my daughter. We were on top of the tower and wind started blowing her dress and she was like Mommy...Now, what I can do. I did not expect that to happen. So lesson learned, not to wear frocks or dresses on open high towers.

Later, we took a beautiful guided horseback trailride Brady Mountain in Arkansas. On our trailrides we went through the National Forest and through a couple of creeks. You can see the most beautiful scenery by horseback. My daughter and I were on Highlander, the oldest and steadiest horse. It felt like when ever I said 'gallop-a-trot', it actually heard and started galloping. I don't know whether its really possible that they can listen to new people...anyway it was fun, a memorable one. My son and hubby were on Zip, the horse.

We headed to Clinton library, just to take look from outside. Few pics near Clinton Library:

Lot of truck traffic on our way to Memphis, TN.

So difficult to drive with truck traffic. Wish they could have their own lane and we don't need to over take them. What I observed is if you are driving at 70 miles, you actually don't feel the length of the truck, it goes by so fast. But continuous 3 or 4 trucks to overtake is kind of a challenge.

Memphis-Arkansas Memorial Bridge, I-55 Mississippi River Crossing At Memphis:

Tennessee Welcoming us on I-55:

Stayed at Radisson near Memphis. We got a good view of FedEx planes. Planes runway was right behind our hotel room. Even though there was a lot of plane noise as we were tired did not feel as disturbance at all. Had a good sound sleep and kids had fun too, taking pictures on iphone that too, parts of the plane as they couldn't they whole plane picture as you can imagine, it was too close to our window.

View of the Beale Street in Memphis, TN:

Yummy food and top it with blues music at B.B.Kings Restaurant & Blues Club in Memphis:

Day 2:

Heading to Civil Right Museum. Couldn't take video or camera as it is not allowed. Too bad...

Martin Luther king's last speech from Mountain Top in Memphis:

Watched an emotional picture about MLK, about how this nation changed after so much uncertainty and ill-treatment. Really surprises me to think that how this nation managed to change so much in such a shorter duration. Now a days it is so common to see inter-racial couple. It makes me wonder that how time to time a person will be born to change the world some for good like Gandhi, MLK and others like Hitler. They will become bigger than everybody and will have the great determination to get things done. Some are born just to kill the goodness or progress in humans like Ray who shot MLK.

Sneak peek at Elvis as we did not tour as we toured in 2000 and other reason my kids are too young to show interest on Elvis.

Next is heading to Chicago via Arkansas and Missouri....

On our way to entertain kids, I started a game called who can come up with interesting stuff in next 10 min on our way to Chicago. That's when we noticed a chicken drumstick and a puppy in the clouds. These is really a good game which makes kids notice the beauty and learn to observe and come with a creative idea so that they lead and win this game. My kids enjoyed so much. Along our way, my kids noticed Cairo, Madrid, Charleston, Holland, Springfield...and were able to link to foreign countries.

Until you see the next collage you won't believe it. A huge Cross right next to the Hwy one mile away from Fayette Ave in Effingham, IL.

Dusk is upon us....and a humongous cross!!!

Stayed on the way at Holiday Inn, Bradley, IL on points. By the time, we reached hotel, time was 12:30 A.M.

Day 3:

Chicago here we come..lot of traffic, letting us know that we are entering third largest city in U.S.A.

What can I say about Chicago? It was so beautiful bursting with life and energy and ahhh..the blue and bright sky with plenty of action in the parks and all the stranded boats in the shimmering unseen distant shores of Lake Michigan which inspires you to be free spirited and says loudly enjoy your life and the beauty, the city is offering. You’ll find magic in such sparkling Chicago attractions as Navy Pier and its boardwalk, 150-foot Ferris wheel, boat and segway tours, and countless dining or shopping options.

Chicago looks great from every angle. You will enjoy the birds-eye view from the 103rd floor of Skydeck Chicago in the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower). The city’s 29 miles of lakefront paths are just one reason Chicago is one of the world’s most walkable and beautiful cities.Chicago gives you an image of friendly city with people walking, jogging, cycling, segwaying even on a busy weekday.

You will get a beautiful look of all around Navy Pier from Ferris wheel even though you will go for one rotation, which lasts about 7 minutes, or a little less than a dollar a minute. You get a decent view of the buildings north and south of Grand Avenue if you look out one side, and the lake if you look out the other side. You don't feel that you reached the top as it goes slow and on top if it stops every minute to load people.

Kids were interested in much hyped Funhouse Maze. We went by an elevator which gives us an illusion as if were going as high as Sears tower and then going back to forty floors underground. After that, you have to go through mirrored maze with darkness all around with in between minute colorful lights. Stumble your way through the Spinning Tunnel and stomp out the Great Chicago Fire. It lasts shorter time but if you want you can go again and again til you chose to exit.

Next, we went on a water taxi to our next destination Willis tower. Water taxi was cool, going in between the tall buildings and surrounded by turquoise colored water. It was a nice 7-mile ride from Navy pier. Sitting in shade was so much better than open boats especially when temperatures are in mid 90's.

Next destination Willis Tower, standing at 1,450 feet and 110 stories high, it is the tallest building in the western hemisphere. My husband bought a city pass which made our day better as we went through fast pass route and avoided the crowd and the waiting line. We had a great view of all around Chicago even though at one point we witnessed black clouds and lightning. Luckily, sky got cleared later. We got a chance to see the Ledge, which brings an exhilarating new experience to the Skydeck. At 1,353 feet up, The Ledge’s glass boxes extend out 4.3 feet from the skyscraper’s Skydeck on the 103rd floor, providing never-before-seen views of the city. The Ledge dares visitors to attempt a new Chicago experience: stand on The Ledge and feel the city from 103 floors.

We had our dinner at Giordano's, the world's most famous stuffed pizza restaurant. A trio of our Mozzarella Sticks, Breaded Zucchini Sticks, and Breaded Mushrooms. Served with ranch dressing and SUPER VEGGIE mushrooms, green peppers, onions, broccoli, black olives & tomatoes.

Mmmm...Yum! Yum!...but couldn't eat everything. It was too much especially the stuffed pizza, carried the left over to hotel as if it is possible to reheat and eat.

For next two nights, we decided to stay at Holiday Inn, Oak brook, IL. Surprised to see lot of airline employees stay at this hotel. On our way to hotel, pouring rain, just did not see that much rain for a long time. Driving was difficult but thanks to GPS, somehow able to find the hotel.

Day 4:

School Reunion Day!! I am going to meet my school buddies after twenty long years in a different country, different continent, miles away from home. Is it possible but actually it was, a little credit goes to Facebook for finding old pals. But Chicago has some other plans.

Officials in Chicago say more than 7 inches of rain fell early Saturday, inundating the sewer system and overwhelming waterways. Water covered portions of several Chicago interstates and the commuter train tracks that run along them, leading crews to divert traffic and call in bus shuttles. Portions of Interstate 290 west of downtown were closed for several hours.

My first poem ever written.....

Reunion reunion
Yes, we had one memorable union.

Not in Vegas, not in Orlando
But in windy city Chicago.

We were ready with scarves, custom t-shirts and evening dresses
To show each other how we have grown from a girl to misses.

We planned the day with a group portrait, frolicking at the beach, wandering on the streets, cruising on Lake Michigan and watching spectacular fireworks.
But oh the city had some other plans with it's record breaking floods has not taken away our smirks.

We came from east and west
Will not allow the city to test.

Oh, the weather cannot dampen our spirits
We were determined to test our limits.

So, we did not stop ourselves with plane
But traveled on a greyhound bus even on a train.

The hostess drawn out with this endless waiting game
But still deterred to take this pain.

Indulgently cooked from appetizer to dessert
And was on alert.

You name it,
we had it.

Finally, we met trying to figure out who is who
But thanks to facebook we know few.

Did hullabaloo
Without a clue.

Everybody had Idli, dosa, chutney til noon
Savored it up to the last spoon.

We had endless talk about our adventures trip
'cuz no one to zip our lip.

We played some naughty games.
Sorry, I cannot tell you as it will put us in shame.

We exchanged gifts. Some said oooh, some said aaahh..
But no one said nah!

We were ready to devour some yummy lunch
Without a hunch.

Lamb, chicken, fish fry, eggplant and some more vegetarian dishes too.
Had it til we said whew!

Put on our evening dresses to have a girls night out
But damn! the weather put our minds on doubt.

Decided to cut a cake
Commemorating this reunion and having this nice break.

Had a round of kulfi
In a jiffy!

Couldn't stop ourselves with heavy lunch
Got ready for some more to munch.

So, here we go again, made some gobi Manchurian and biryani
Being silly and funny.

We talked and talked til midnight
Going through pictures and untold stories with delight.

Next day woke up and got ready to say goodbye
Still with smiles, knowing that we will sure meet again so no need to cry.

Oh wait! One more person wanted to buzz
After driving miles and miles, couldn't stop herself without meeting us.

Thanks to our hostess and dear friend for making this a memorable one
As we cherish this reunion.


Day 5:

We started driving to Branson, Mo but on our way we decided to stop at Springfield to get a glimpse of the Illinois capital and then on towards U.S.A No. 3 mega structure St. Louis Gateway Arch. Little disappointed with Missouri, it doesn't have a nice welcome sign to the state.

The Beauty of St. Louis Gateway Arch from I-55:

Located on the banks of the Mississippi River, the Gateway Arch is an arched gateway to the American West. I just love this structure so much. Alone in the sky, far above from us, kind of shows unity and sheer strength with its huge structure. Unbelievable thing about this structure is built with steel and its hollow. One more amazing is not a one person died in building this massive structure. Part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, no wonder it is one of the most-visited tourist attractions in the world, and a national monument in the United States. At a height of 630 feet, it is the tallest monument in the United States and weighs 43000 tons.

Once you are in, you will take a tram ride, that is of only a four minutes way up to the top. There are eight tram cars that go up to the top of the Arch in the north and south legs. Each tram seats five people. Trams travel at an average speed of 4mph and are very quiet and completely safe. At this speed, most people do not experience discomfort in the short ride.

View from the top of the Gateway Arch:

Midnight is approaching to wish my daughter for her sixth birthday. I quickly made a customized card for my daughter with her being in her birthday dress and balloons and gifts all around her. I mentioned all her achievements and how proud we are about who she is becoming and wrote a poem to her which goes like this:

My Dear Brenda
you are like a Splenda
Show your sweet smile
Which makes our life worth while
You are our dream
but please don't scream
Love you honey
'cuz you are so funny
Oh! come on don't be shy
you're not wry
May your day be fabulous
'cuz you are gorgeous

I always made a point to make my own personalized card for my kids with a their picture according to the birthday theme and make a believe story to go along with the theme. This year because of vacation and being busy getting ready for reunion, couldn't make one.

Woke my daughter at midnight and gave her the card and wished her.

Next destination is Branson, MO. You can quickly figure it out that you are approaching Branson as you will be seeing current Branson show advertisements all over the highway on both sides of the road from Elvis to Diana, From Shanghai circus to Peter Pan, show for everyone and all age groups .

Branson Known as the "Live Music Show Capital of the World,". It is truly a one-of-a-kind family vacation destination with live performance theaters. The city officials trying to present the city as next to Las Vegas with huge Hollywood Stars statues on Hollywood planet to Ripley's believe it or not museum. One side of the road you will be seeing car racing and on the other side golf with huge dinosaur figures.

This is where we find kids popular destination Silver Dollar City and that is where we decided to celebrate my daughter's sixth birthday. On our way to Westgate Resorts in Branson, seven miles away from Silver Dollar City.

Day: 6

My daughter quickly got dressed wearing matching ear rings and as per her wish she had her breakfast  at Belgian Waffle and Pancake House. I had Cinnamon Sugar waffle and my kids had Pecan waffle. Tasty and fresh!!

Headed to Silver Dollar City to have fun-filled day. On our way for the whole time, kids started this song 'I think I am happy..' which is a stuffed cat, sings whenever you press its paw. A birthday gift from my friend.

I think I am happy Oooh...I am on my way
I think I am happy Oooh...Its a happy day
The sun is shining bright and everything is alright
And everyone I see starts singing along with me
I think I am happy Oooh...Its a happy dayyyyyyyyyyyyy

Silver Dollar City was celebrating 50th Anniversary so that park and especially all the rides are open up to 10pm and they named this event as 'Moonlight Madness'.

We went on all these thrilling rides:

Thunderation: Rumble through the treetops on a runaway mine train! Thunderation is an 80-foot tall, high-speed, smooth-riding coaster with a scenic view of the Ozarks! She started crying as she did not expect the thrill but after sometime she was like can we go again..please!

Mighty Galleon: Dare 6-story tall waves with the adventurous crew of this mighty ship

Magnificent Wave Carousel: Soar high above the Exposition Grounds 

 Grand Exposition Coaster: An electromechanical rail ride

Racing Regatta: Set sail for exotic ports of call

Elephant March: Parading pachyderms direct from Siam

Royal Tea Party: A dizzyfying spot of tea for twelve

Wings of Wonder: Parade of the butterflies.

The above rides pictures are curtsy of Silver Dollar City website. In between sporadic lightening caused the park authorities to stop the rides which gave us a chance to have Tater Twist. Look at the above collage, you will find a yummy potato chips picture. It's called 'Tater Twist'.Mmmm...yum!!

Our daughter got a special personalized gift for her birthday. One was Wax hands. Look in the collage, you will find my daughters wax hands.This is just so neat and cool, awesome for all ages, even though my son said 'no'. Other personalized gift was wood name plate which we decided to hand on her bedroom door.

We had a Stunt Dog experience by watching an amazing dog show. The dogs were unbelievable. This is the one thing you should not miss. Dogs showed acrobatic skills for Michael Jackson's song  Black or White. Skipping on hind legs. Jumping up to 58in high. Jumping and catching Frisbee left and right. Finally, a race between two dogs going in between the poles, going through a tunnel and finally jumping high and catching a Frisbee. These are the same dogs which came on Jay Leno show.

Due to continuing bad weather especially in the evening after 7pm, caused the authorities to close the park which gave us a rain check for one more whole day of fun. 

We sang "Happy Birthday" at 9:22 pm, that's the time she was born six years ago. We had our dinner of course as per her wish at Olive Garden in a hope that they will Happy Birthday in Italian language but to our disappointment, Olive garden has stopped that ritual after hearing complaints from other customers about how they are disturbing their quiet environment. VERY DISAPPOINTED!! but have to take life as it comes. She had
Bella Limonata drink, minestrone soup and ravioli. 

We came to our resort at 11pm after buying a small cake and candles to celebrate her birthday. She decided to buy a dog shaped cake. In her own words, this was the best and fun-filled day. Telling herself with great delight  gives us, unbeatable happiness as parents. PERIOD!

Day 7: 

 Anybody wants to go shopping? Yes, that's what we planned by going to Branson Landing. Branson Landing, located on the waterfront of beautiful lake Taneycome in downtown Branson. Here we got a chance to see the magnificent $7.5 million water fountain spectacular, synchronized to light, sound, music and fire. So many outdoor eating places. Good place to walk casually and have some yummy icecream watching the lake and to beat out the heat.

 We went to an amazing unique olive shop where they had at least fifty different variations of olive oil from Jalapeno to blue chess based olive oil. Yummy to taste but expensive to enjoy...

 Next, went to TheBigPopper, a popcorn shop. Tasty popcorns from Cheese to Caramel to Jalapeno to nut based. Couldn't stop ourselves, so bought two large bags of Ozark and Jalapeno to munch on our way to home.

All Aboard!! Yes, we boarded Branson Scenic Railway for a 40-mile roundtrip excursion through Ozark foothills and tunnels. The railroad is known as the White River Route. The route crosses the White River in Branson, now Lake Taneycomo, and then runs along side of it after taking a fifty-mile “short cut” over the Ozark Mountains. Couldn't get on dome cars which has panoramic views but were pretty happy with our seats. Had a relaxed tour, listening to kids stories and going through the tunnels.

Scenic views from the train:

Wandered for a while then had some yummy ice cream at Marble Slab to beat the heat. Next, went for a scenic drive to Table Rock lake and to check out the marina to rent a boat.

 Table Rock Lake, spanning more than 43 thousand acres and 800 miles of shoreline,  located in the beautiful Ozark Mountain Country of southwestern Missouri. Table Rock was created in August of 1958, when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built Table Rock Dam across the White River.

My favorite part of the day. Hmmm...Dinner at Cantina Laredo,  Gourmet Mexican restaurant, serves authentic Mexican dishes in a sophisticated atmosphere. The eatery, with a patio that overlooks Lake Taneycomo, was quite packed but still had a fabulous time having Mango Margarita and watching the spectacular water fountain show with elaborate music every thirty minutes. Our chips and mild and spicy salsas were always kept plentiful. We all were in complete agreement that this was one of the best dining experiences we each have had in a long time.

Day 8:

Woo hoo! Got free tickets for a Broadway retrospect need to attend the Westgate Resorts time sharing seminar.

Westgate time sharing was time consuming and worthless, went on for three hours. According to their program, this is not based on points but you have to buy a full furnished condo which you can lease or do whatever you want. My argument was why in Branson....where there are so many lodging facilities from cheap hotels to Luxury hotels. There is no scarcity. So, what's the use of buying when you are not using, you can't even lease/rent it, even if you advertise in Craig list (that's idea was from the sales guy). The sales guys put so much pressure, its a torture and in between they announce the owners who decided on the spot of which condo they decided to buy. I recommend to whoever reading my blog, not to fall for freebies and get stuck with this ridiculous stress. Other than our sales guy, his boss came with so many unbelievable options of reducing your monthly payment. It is so hard to adhere to your principle of not acting upon on their pressure but lot of woman become victim of sales guy pressure. I really feel sorry for them. I can guarantee that it is not best judgment to buy time sharing properties especially in Branson. I roughly calculated how much I pay for hotels in Florida with out time sharing property and to my utter surprise, the expenses were same minus the luxurious resort which they promise you will get if you have considered and planned your trip an year ago. Anyway, even though they said the program lasts for 90 minutes, it went beyond three hours. At the end, the sales guy attitude was so bad as we rejected his offer. The polite sales guy turned to show attitude and was finding reasons to stop us from getting free tickets. Decided never to attend one!!

Had a lunch at a Chinese Restaurant and from there headed to Marina to rent a boat. To our surprise, the guy asked us whether we have prior experience with boats. We honestly said 'no' and to our astonishment, the guy did not oblige to our wish of renting a boat. We were shocked because we never heard or seen an ad that you need to have prior experience to rent a boat. So my husband asked the guy whether there is any school to teach...and that guy was like wow! gave me a good idea..I am going to do that.

After a disappointing afternoon, headed to resort to relax and let kids have fun at the outdoor pool.  Got ready soon to watch Broadway show "DON'T STOP BELIEVIN'!" A new summer production- featuring the songs from the hit TV show GLEE. The Broadway singers and dancers took us on a gleeful musical journey featuring the songs you love- songs from the Golden Globe award winning TV Show. Songs included "Don't Stop Believin'", "You're the One That I Want", "Defying Gravity", "Maybe This Time", "Proud Mary" and many, many more.

Day 9:

Day's plan is to go to Eureka Springs, AR which is located in the Ozark region and from there go to Silver Dollar City and participate in Moonlight madness which we missed prior due to rain.

Fun driving on our way to Eureka Springs with its secluded and peaceful with winding mountainside streets. Eureka Springs, Arkansas has block after block of one-of-a-kind shops, boutiques, fine art galleries, craft emporiums, spas, museums and restaurants. Streets are lined with Victorian homes hugging cliff sides.Decided not to step back in time to an earlier age of locomotive transportations we already experienced train riding in Branson Landing.

The Ozark mountains provide gentle and rugged hiking terrain and the trails are often shared by hikers, bikers and horses. Many of the trails in the area lead to scenic lookout points. So, that made us to decide to do some hiking in Historic Van Winkle Trail, which is located approximately 10 miles east of Rogers, AR, U.S. Hwy. 12. Walkers and Hikers can access historic area via tunnel under Hwy. 12. Interpretive sign panels describe the historic home and mill sites of the Peter Van Winkle family during and after the Civil War. Also, there is a beautiful stream, spring and raised garden site. Only some rock foundation stones remain of buildings. This is where my family took jumping high photo pose which can be done  by jumping from the picnic tables and keeping the camera in timer based mode. My all time favorite pose. I just can't resist posing like that which is by the way is a hit among my friends on Facebook .

Headed to Silver Dollar City to ride roller coasters until dusk and declare Moonlight madness. We went on all the rides which we went before but there is a twist I videoed on my portable light-weight camera even though my whole family was against doing it. But they don't understand..if I don't feel secured, I wouldn't be doing it.

Major disappointment when I my hubby did not allow me to video our Thunderation experience. It would have been awesome to look and feel the thunder every time you watch it. Even though my daughter is younger than my son, she bravely went on backward motion too. That day we went thrice on the same ride. Got stuck on our way out because of the crowd waiting for the parking bus as parking lots are far from the entrance. Ordered Domino's pizza on our way to resort as the main road of Branson was jammed with cars coming out of shows. Couldn't even go to famous homemade ice cream parlor where it is always crowded with teens.

Day 10:

Packed and check out the room. On our way to home, sweet home...........

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Started at 10 A.M. and did some souvenir shopping before we did our long journey to Dallas. Checked on our GPS to see any attractions on the way but nothing much other than the flat land which is welcoming us to home. Had a satisfying yummy ice cream at Braums in Oklahoma on a blistering hot day after having  lunch at Firesubs in Arkansas. On our way, we discovered Lake Eufaula which is the largest lake in Oklahoma, and the 15th largest lake in the USA. You can feel it is largest as you keep on driving, it keep on coming on either side of the road. Pretty amazing!! Reached home at 9:00pm.

Route to our entire journey:

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Thanks to my kids who helped me in proof-reading this post. Finally finished it on August 11th 2010 at 1:18pm.